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June 05, 2012


Having experienced these hornworms on my own tomato plants, I can also tell you that if try to forcibly remove them (like one should do if going the organic route), they spurt green puss stuff with impressive and disconcerting force.

If, they have what looks like grain of rice on their backs, take a sigh of relief. It is just parasitic wasp eggs, and in time, they will take care of the worm for you. ;)

HOLY MOTHER that's a huge caterpillar!!! DANG. Also EW.

Nature is kinda freaky.

Um, not to freak you out any more, but tomato hornworms will sometimes raise their head, LOOK YOU IN THE EYE AND HISS.

I know this is a family blog, but it's FUCKING TERRIFYING.

Be warned!

UGH. My parents grew tomatoes for years and years while I was growing up and I never encountered one of these. I didn't even know how grateful I should be!!

My neighbor next door had a couple of these suckers on his tomato plants. He stepped on them. SQUISH!

If you ever want to completely ruin that book for yourself, google some newsweek article written about it about three years ago (about the meaning behind the book and why it's dedicated to Eric Carle's sister). I read it on maternity leave with Margaret and I'm still scarred. The book makes me so sad now I almost cry reading it.

I also have that blossom drop, boo. And I have white spots. This tomato business is getting stressful, yo.
At least I do not have any very hungry caterpillars, so far. Thank god.
Also, my black tomato has a tomato! Very exciting.

For anyone curious, here's the link Jesabes was talking about...super interesting.


That thing is HUGE. Ugh. I'm so sorry he ate your tomato! What a jerk.


I consider myself a pretty tough chick. I can tolerate a lot of stuff that most girls don't manage so well but big, disgusting, unidentified bugs FREAK ME THE FRICK OUT. And that guy is VILE.

OMG what will you DO?!! He is scaring me.

We had tomato hornworms in my parents garden growing up. I'd pluck them off and keep them in jars with pruned tomato leaves for company. But my dad would make me feed them to the chickens before they'd turn into their giant great owl form so they couldn't lay any more eggs.

It must be too cold up here for them, I haven't seen one in Idaho. KNOCK ON WOOD.

I always thought they were kind of cute... ha ha ha!

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