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June 18, 2012


Go, tomatoes! And tiny cucumber!

YAY! I am so glad your tomatoes are doing so well! And that cucumber is ADORABLE! I don't think I've ever seen a baby cucumber before.

Yum! Caprese salad! I have serious tomato envy. Especially for the yellow pear tomatoes, which are some of my favorites. My dad used to grow them, too. SO GOOD! Now, you just need a cow for your own mozzarella.

YAAAAYY! Go, little garden, go!

My yellow pear plants have been the most prolific so far, and are delicious. Something about the different colored tomatoes just gets me! Of course, things started going crazy just as we were leaving for vacation, so I froze several gallons of tomatoes whole to deal with when I get back. It does take a loooong time for them to change from green to red, though. It's a whole "watched pot" thing, I think.

When I did the all-from-seed thing last year, that coupled with the heat and drought really slowed down fruit-set, so the tomato plants didn't go gangbusters until early fall, which meant some last-minute, near-freeze covering with sheets I got cheap (then laundered!) from Goodwill and designated "garden sheets". This was a PITA because the wind about blows the sheets off, and anywhere the sheet touches a tomato will "burn" the tomato if we get frost. I did find that you can pull an entire plant out of the ground, shake all the dirt off and hang it upside down in your garage, and the tomatoes (and peppers, too) will slowly ripen over the winter. Home-grown tomatoes at Thanksgiving! The downside is the foliage makes a dried-leafy mess in the garage. I wonder if I could strip the leaves and just leave the green tomatoes and branches? Might try that this year.

Congrats on your green babies and luck to you for that July 4th caprese!

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