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June 11, 2012


I do this too and LOVE it!! I am excited for some new ideas because I am bored with my menu. I tend to make a lot of pulled pork at a time and freeze that. Also I have done paella and add some frozen cooked shrimp in. Also mac and cheese (PWs) - I just freeze the sauce though, not the pasta. Oh and pasta fagiole. Well, we eat a ton of soup. At least one dinner a week is soup/salad, sometimes more.

Honestly, once I had kids, this is the only thing that kept us eating regular, healthy meals while I worked full time. Now that I only work three days a week and I insisted that we institute a once a week takeout night (to free me from dishes), I don't freeze as much, but I definitely depend on it.

1. I have a friend who's pregnant with her first, and making up a batch of freezer meals seems like it could be a good gift for her when she delivers. These are all awesome ideas.

2. I have only recently begun to believe in freezer meals, mainly because I hate leftovers. But somehow, planning a meal that you are specifically going to freeze makes it less leftover-y. I like chili, lentil soup, coq au vin, and beef burgundy as freezer meals. But coq au vin and beef burgundy are pretty time consuming, so they aren't dishes I make a LOT.

Great post! I am going on a cooking binge next week when I start my maternity leave to stock up the freezer before baby comes and was trying to think of some new receipes to make and freeze. These are great, I've never made pizza crust or risotto, should be fun!

These meatballs are one of my favorite freezer items.


We also make a lot of soup and freeze the extras.

Check Once A Month Cooking for great ideas on stuff that freezes well. The big tip I got from them that makes life nicer is to brown up ground beef and freeze it in a ziploc, so you can combine it into anything at the last minute--tacos, spaghetti, or to augment a rice or noodle dish. I never liked thawing raw burger, and it seems like it takes up a lot less space in the freezer already cooked.

If I didn't have frozen Sloppy Joes on hand for the super busy nights when there are lots of activities during the school year, I would just cry. Any kind of frozen meatball is wonderful because they can go on spaghetti or into a bun for a sandwich. Yes we use a lot of ground beef, but everybody likes it and that's a win.

Finally, anytime I am thawing something I set it in a metal pan on the stove (no heat) because it will thaw faster than if it's just on my counter, since metal is so conductive.

Ding dong!

Thanks for the recipes!

I love freezer meals. I am currently prepping for buying a bigger freezer for the garage just so that I have room to do them properly. (I can only store about four in my current freezer at once.)

We definitely don't do enough in terms of freezer meals, that's for sure.

We'll freeze leftover pasta sauce or spaghetti (sans noodles) and meatballs.

Sometimes a little casserole of enchiladas or mac and cheese, if we're making a batch that ends up too big for one normal-sized casserole dish.

If we make crock-pot tacos, we'll freeze the leftover meat with beans/rice/cheese/whatever into burritos for lunches or breakfasts.

I love the idea of freezing in Ziplocs, though. We mostly just use Tupperwares or Pyrexes and that takes up room, not to mention, my precious food storage containers!

I just printed off like 4 of these recipes. This was just what I needed to get out of our rut (and I'm headed to Costco shortly!). I make PW's pizza crust weekly and it requires basically NO babysitting. I let it rise on the counter for an hour and boom, ready to go (also freezable. And better if it's a few days old but who has the time??).

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