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June 24, 2012


Yes, yes, yes. Some people are just picky, and I am one of those people. I am Claire in 25 years. I had a select few things I ate as a small child and that was IT. No amount of trickery or bribery would convince me to try anything otherwise, and over the years I started to try stuff on my own. I still rarely eat a veggie, but I finally tried hot dogs and mac and cheese at age 15, for example. It is a texture thing for me and I'd love NOT to be picky but it just isn't happening for me. I pray my daughter doesn't have my pickiness, but I totally understand if she does.

Yes, why don't we care if adults are picky, but it's a MUST FIX problem in children? A friend of mine is a nutritionist, and for two years of her childhood she ate nothing but graham crackers and applesauce (or so our mothers swear.) Whatever. She eats other things now, of course, but is picky in other ways. AND NO ONE CARES.

I was VERY picky as a child, and have branched way out as an adult. I've tried escargot! I like sushi! Huge fan of steamed broccoli, which I wouldn't touch as a child!

Also, Kalena is our eat-anything child and Will is much pickier. 2 kids, same food offered. Some people are just picky.

Kyle's SO picky. And I haven't spent one minute caring in his entire life.

Matt is just that picky as an adult. Elizabeth is a really picky child too. There is something called a super taster, where the person literally has more taste buds than most people and food just tastes much stronger to them. I am convinced that Matt is one and probably Elizabeth too. But oddly, he won't let me dye his tongue and count his taste buds to confirm. Weirdo.

Thank you for this post. I am starring it in my reader. K is super picky and it has always bothered me. It shouldn't, and I see that now. This was a huge Ah-Ha moment for me!! BigP is picky and it always bothered me too. I've convinced him to try a few things and he enjoyed them so I guess I feel like if you don't try things you miss out on great things. I don't want them to miss out. But it is their choice and I need to back off I guess. Thank you!!!

Yes, yes, yes. I have always been picky. Never eat salads, even though I may like the taste of all the items individually, it is a texture thing for me. It triggers my gag reflex so I avoid things.

I have definitely gotten better as I got older, especially once I moved away from home. Hearing the adults in my family keep asking me to try stuff had the opposite effect. Still makes me mad as a 30-something to have my dad push me to eat lettuce and tomato on my burger.

She'll be fine! I admire your willingness to step back and go with it. She's a lucky girl :)

I laugh because I think we're raising the other-gendered-version of the exact same people. B is fairly picky - maybe not quite as much as Claire, but he has reached the age of being Very Demanding. We don't make him a second meal, we're in the "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" camp, but zomg the whiiiining over having (!) to eat 2 bites of steak instead of chicken nuggets for the 423rd time this week. The child would live off of chicken nuggets and mac and cheese if we let him. He does ok with green beans and corn, so whatever, if that's all he ever eats. I grew up on macaroni and cheese and chicken pot pies, and I'm so not picky now. Claire will grow out of it, or she won't, who cares, she's obviously not wasting away.

And yes, Jude and Charlotte. If you put a concrete block down on Jude's tray, or even a pad of paper, he'd be like YUMMY! He will eat anything, gladly.

Food is a weird thing for children and adults and for others that have ideas of what *those* children and adults should be eating. Unfortunately, everyone has opinions on this.

And while I didn't think I was very food-weird with Ezra, having Iris and all her food/mouth/whatnot has really forced me to slow my roll and take it all in stride. It's probably a good thing.

oh THIS. Maggie. YES. Cheese, bread, yogurt, strawberries, noodles, sometimes chicken nuggets. Maybe a carrot, if the sun isn't shining too brightly or the wind isn't too strong.

We go back and forth between caring and not caring. She's 5 and slowly getting braver (she tried tacos without being asked recently and LIKED THEM OMG.) but I definitely think she's just a picky eater. Audrey is less picky for sure- but she is in the toddler Food Throwing stage now so whatever. They are both healthy and growing and smart and I just don't have the energy most days.

I am a terribly picky eater, always have been. But I still eat a LOT of things. And I remember the horror that was Family Dinner where I'd be stuck at the table for hours because I hadn't tried something or hadn't eaten something else. It was awful. I think your approach is AWESOME. She will probably eat more foods as she gets older. And if not (one of my SILs won't eat fish and the other eats pretty much beef, chicken, cheese, and potatoes), she will still be just fine.

I love your approach. My girls are both beast eaters, but my nephew is picky and my SIL makes him clear his plate before letting him have dessert. Even if it takes 3 hours and he gags and vomits. Birthdays are pretty fun in our family.

Agreed! If they are thriving, they are fine.

My kids eat everything. Sardines? Check. Mussels? Check. Olives? Check Dim sum? Check (including chicken feet). As long as it's not spicy. I'll take a small amount of credit -- I exposed them to a lot of different foods and my husband and I eat a huge variety of food. But mostly I think we're just lucky. If there's ever a way to isolate, patent and sell your genes for other parents to use I think my husband and I could get rich on our non-picky eater genes. Our sleep genes however are another story...

I think you have just the right attitude for Claire. As long as it's healthy food and she's healthy it's no big deal. She's probably more likely to branch out later if there's no big fuss made about it now.

So weird. I'm reading this and a commercial for something on TV came on and started out by saying "my child is a picky eater", hah!
Anyway, this is the best post I've read on feeding kids. My parents NEVER ever made a big deal about anything we were picky about. We all have our likes and dislikes, but none of us are super picky! As the pickiest of my sisters (and I wouldn't even really call myself picky) I can assure you, no amount of time sitting at the table would have made me eat something I didn't like. You not making a big deal of this is the best approach.
My best friend has a very small list of foods she will eat (she is healthy though!) because she has major issues with food texture. She will gag or throw up if forced to eat something, and I can't imagine that would be fun for anyone involved to force someone to eat something that they will throw up!

I was a very picky eater as a child. I wouldn't even eat tomato sauce on spaghetti. I remember having a particular aversion to mushrooms.

I eventually mostly grew out of it (and looove mushrooms), but there are still a lot of things my husband will eat that I don't.

Ella is a picky, suspicious eater and I pack some essentials when we eat out like hummus. I didscussed it with the doctor and some kids are vegetarians and he said they would probably live longer than the rest of us. I tell my family that when they are trying to shove brisket at her. But she will tear apart dessert like she is starving.

Anna is like that too. I was a very, very picky eater until I was in my 20s and now I eat almost everything.

Love your attitude. The only thing pushing food issues will get you is a power struggle. As long as she's healthy, who cares? SHE'S THREE. She'll try something new when she's good and ready. There are lots of things I love now that I didn't like or try until I was 13, 18, 21, 25, etc. Our palates can change & grow over our lives. There are always things I'm not going to like. She will see you, her sister, her friends, etc. eating lots of different things and she will want to try some of them someday.

Agree on the super taster front. I've never actually tested myself, but I'm sure I am one (provided it's actually a real thing!) I was very selective as a child and even now as an adult, I CANNOT eat things I don't like. I did, however, develop a taste for certain foods as I got older and I have a healthy, varied diet.

I can't bring myself to insist my kids eat things they don't like. It didn't work for me and I don't expect it to work for them. I will, however, encourage them to try things again as they get older since I know how my own taste buds changed. Good for you for choosing not to die on the Food Hill.

I was and am Claire. From the time I was about 4 my mother had a cabinet of foods I would eat at my level. Her rule was I make one meal, if you don't like it, here are your options. It was just fine. She wasn't a short order cook, and I got to eat what I wanted. As others have stated, it's a texture thing. I CANNOT and have never drunk milk because I can't stand the texture of it, but ice cream? just fine. Even I can't explain it.

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