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June 13, 2012


Jake was a very nice dog, and I"m not a dog lover in general. I'm sorry for your loss A'Dell.

Well that just broke my heart. Our dog is getting up in years and we'll probably be in the same situation soon. Hope your heart can begin to heal.

I didn't even know Jake, and I miss him for you. I am so so so sorry your buddy is gone, A'Dell.

Oh, he's beautiful! I lost my childhood dog when I was 21 and it still makes me sad to think of. We have 3 aging pets right now and I know the end is coming soon. It's so hard. They're FAMILY, you know?

I was just thinking the other day that I hope you never change the URL. He was such a nice dog.

I can't believe it's been a year. Oh man.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I come from a family of non-animal people, but my sister BEGGED for a dog when she was 11, and my dad, ever the softie, was no match. That was how three non-animal people (and our token dog person) became completely and utterly wrapped around the wee paw of our little bud. We had to put him down almost two years ago at the ripe old age of 16, but we're all still pretty heartbroken. We always jokingly referred to him as our brother, but it's true -- they ARE family, and it's so, so hard to let them go.

Has it already been a year? UGH. I'm sorry, A'Dell. Jake was so sweet! I love those pictures.

We are closing in on two years without Hambone and the kids still talk about him. Asher really remembers him; I'm not sure Lucy does, but she loves pretending to be a puppy, and lately she has been pretending to be Baby Hambone. SIGH. I am looking forward to getting a new dog - Hammie was so hard because he really was never comfortable around the kids. But I still miss him.

Losing a pet that is so much part of the family is hard. I know I will be the same way when the time comes for Maverick. He's been with me through so much that he has always been more than just a dog to me. Seeing him now with Jackson makes me realize just how tough it is going to be. I am praying that we have several more good years with him before we have to worry about that but I know that the reality is it could happen at any time. My thoughts are with you and your family. Jake will always be your dog.

Not that I'm pushing for you to get another dog, especially with two young kids to take care of, BUT you already know that you guys are a "dog family" and what it takes to have a dog. I think a rescue dog is a great idea. There are so many dogs that are 2 years old that need good homes ;) We adopted Sadie from the SPCA when she was 2 1/2 (she's now 5) and it was the perfect choice for us. She was already house broken, out of the puppy stage, but still young and healthy. Take your time about it, no harm in going to a shelter, we went 3 times before we met Sadie. Jake was a great dog! Can't believe it's been a year.

I get it. Everything you've said. I've been through it. And I wish you didn't have to. I just, and I mean JUST a few weeks ago, got rid of Murphy and Riley's collars (and we have a new pup). It's amazing that our pets can leave such an imprint on our hearts...but you could also honor Jake's memory by providing an amazing home to another dog who doesn't know how fabulous it is to be loved (when you're ready). ((hugs))

P.S. He was an ADORABLE dog. Love the photos.

I agree with Lolly. There are so many animals at the shelters here locally. Maybe just visiting some will open your heart to a not-Jake. Rescuing Higgins has been the best thing that Adam and I have done together so far and it hurts my heart to think that he was on "the list" at Dallas Animal Services. No dog will ever replace him but you could find a new soul to love in a different way. My condolences to you, such a tough thing.

Oh I am so very sorry for your loss. Hugs.

I understand completely. And I TOTALLY understand that the book makes the tears flow. You miss him.

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