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June 01, 2012


Get it in green! It's a lovely color, I don't think you'll get bored by it.
Are you guys going to replace your tree?
P.S. Have you ever seen the pilot episode for the original Dallas show? So awesomely hilarious, it starts out with Bobby and Pam at a DISCO!

Ooooh! I love the green! Such a cool chair.

And your girls are super cute.

I might go with another color than the natural because.... ten bucks says the "natural" they're selling now is going to look *just* enough different from the one you have now that is, ahem 30+, years old and has been exposed to the real world. It would drive me more crazy to have them looking slightly off than the obvious one green chair, one natural chair. Though I do like your thinking of sending the one back to your mom, then buying TWO green ones. Nice rationale.

I have been following dallas on twitter, waiting anxiously to watch the new show. The original season1 was just 5 episodes and it was not great...bad Texas accents...but season2 was much improved. Hope this one will too. FYI...in season 5 JR drives right into the Cotton Bowl, parks on the track and walks onto the field. Then Dusty's helicopter lands on the 50 yard line. In season 8 JR takes Mandy on a first date..lunch at his Texas Stadium Box. So it is not surprising that JR would have a meeting at Cowboy Stadium.

Get the green. And then wait another couple of months and get a second green.

Your mom's comment on "Dallas" made me laugh out loud. Loved it.

Also, what is there NOT to find funny about a small child getting a shot of water to the face?! I mean, I laugh every single time it happens to one of my own children. In fact, I'm snickering now.

I didn't t know that those high chairs have been around that long. My friend on FB was selling a black one if you are interested. I wanted my FIL to make me one but the plans loom pretty complicated.

Ask Jennie about putting pacis all around Kyles crib to keep him sleeping through the night. She wanted them to be in reach at all times in the crib!

I love the lime, but would probably get white or natural. Because you might not always want a citrus kitchen and since you plan on having it forever....white would bring the lightness that you like while still staying sort of neutral long term.

Being old sucks. I hate having things like a regular tree guy or a plumber or a appliance repair guy.

Larry.Hagman was the keynote speaker at the Omni grand opening gala and it was AWFUL. They did an out-take reel of old Dallas shows and it was poorly pieced together, too long, not really funny and he just wasn't a great speaker. Also, randomly? A guy I grew up with who is now a country singer posted that he performed at that Dallas premiere event. So if you saw a country band you like there, that was him. RANDOM.

I love the green! It is nice to go crazy every once and a while. And it is a very stylish shade of green.

Bradford Pears sure do SUCK. The end.

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