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June 28, 2012


Dancing baby! I love it!

And curtains, curtain rods, blinds, etc, are the most outrageously expensive things ever. And I have to curtainify a whole new apartment downstairs. I'm totally going to make some.

In regards to sizing! Someone told me the "T" sizes are bigger in the butt area to allow for diapers/pull ups, and the regular sizes are not. She did mention a 5T top and a size 5 top are pretty much the same thing, so I hope that helps. We are in size limbo as the T stuff is not outrageously skanky like the older girls department stuff I've seen. So! Not looking forward to when 5T isn't an option!

On pinterest I saw someone hang the rods in the ceiling instead of at the window. Made the room look bigger. Just an idea, not sure if that would work for you.

I hate that there is so much inconsistency in clothing. For me and the kids.

I kinda assumed i knew what leck was up to. I just wanted to give you my word on Fire. It was really boring and I loved the other two. Consider this random internet permission to skip it.

We have a hand me down natural wood stokke. I love it, but after two years with us and daily hard abuse from the children, it is coated in filth. Do you think it could stand up to a rinse outside with a hose or perhaps pressure washing!?!? I love the white but the filth factor makes me cringe.

Children's sizing is ridiculous. I also suspect that adult sizing is ridiculous but I don't think we notice as much since it is not as frequently changing. But why don't they just make all the things the same size?

I like those curtain rods too. I need to find some curtain rods for the nursery and I am already annoyed by that job.

I like reading plots too. I always ask people what happens in books/movies even ones I haven't seen. They say they don't want to spoil it but it's better for me if I know what's going to happen. Less tension.

Rods: Go to lowes and get some plumbing fixtures and spray paint them black!

Oh, I am so glad that the white worked for you! It really does look like an awesome chair. Also for the earlier commenter, I wash my wooden highchair outside with the hose or in the bathtub on a pretty regular basis with no issues, so...

So, I have been in curtain hell forever. I found these great curtains from IKEA, but they were grommet and I didn't like the grommets. I had the brilliant idea to convert them into ones that clip but I need every inch of material available and it has just been massive massive headache! BUT, I have a weird corner situation like yours too. Mine happens to be a full corner. Anyhow, I found a corner connector at Bed Bath and Beyond. It looks adjustable, so I just went to find a link and it says it works for bay windows.


I do love the PB one, it is so neat and clean looking. But their prices are just so unreasonable on most things. That rod does look like some towel rods my parents had in their house growing up though, so maybe the fixture idea would work.

I sometimes noodle on blogging and always decide that my plate is full. Am jealous of all of you with a good record of what your kids are doing though.

Oooh! I like those curtain rods! I am not always a big fan of finials, so these seem like a really nice alternative. Not $50 apiece nice - egads, I am with you on that one.

I do the ruining-the-plot thing, too, on occasion! It drives my husband crazy, but it's fun to know and to see how things get to that point in the story. I think it can enhance the experience.

And Blu-Ray is AWFUL. Does yours affect the sound? I feel like whenever we watch a Blu-Ray, we have to crank up the volume to crazy levels.

A'Dell, I do the exact same thing with TV shows and books, etc. I hate suspenseful things, so if I can learn about it, I totally do. And I still really enjoy the stuff, too.

LOVE the Super Why dance. LOVE IT! I also thing that the Tripp Trapp looks amazing in white.

I read an article recently that said most people's enjoyment of books/tv/movies isn't at all diminished by spoilers (like you said, it's actually easier to enjoy it if you're not stressed about it), so I don't think you're uncommon there.

That type of curtain rod is called a "retrun rod" since in goes back into the window... that might help you find more options...I found this one on a quick google(just fits in your $35 range!)
but I'm sure there are others out there.

I totally do the same thing with books and tv shows! It just really, really stresses me out to think of all the possible outcomes and then I worry about the characters... so much drama!

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