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May 12, 2012


Definitely a sign of a great photographer and adorable subjects!

Have you guys done professional family photos since Claire's newborn ones? I was just thinking you need to if not.

These are fantastic! Like Jen said, sign of a great photographer. Also? OMG BABY IN A BUCKET. I love that one. I just want to carry Charlotte and the bucket home to stare at the cute.

Oh, A'Dell. That one in the grass?

I honestly got the chills.

I love the first one of Claire in the grass. Just beautiful! My sil is a family photographer and actually says that grumpy kids end up taking great photos. Less of the cheesy over the top smiles and more of their emotions...which is always risky ;)

Love these!

Great pictures. Makes me really feel like I should get off my butt and schedule one for my kids!


Oh these are so lovely! What beautiful, photogenic little girls you have! (And what a great photographer!)

These are really beautiful, she did a great job. I love Charlotte's dress on the last one, what a CUTIE!

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