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May 02, 2012


I just emailed Mike with a link to your post and asked, "When can we go to Hawaii?" Because we didn't JUST get back from vacation and already have our 2013 vacation planned or anything.


We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon (the Big Island and Oahu), and I am DYING to go back. I wish it weren't so freaking far from the East Coast.

Have an amazing trip!

@Jennie: There is a good chance that there are still rooms left at Pineapple. $100ish/night!

I love this post! On our first family vacation to HI in 1988, we visited Honolulu, Lahaina and Kona. I loved Maui the best and that is where we only vacationed after that (my parents bought a time share at The Whaler!). On that first trip, my parents took us (one 15 yo, two 13 yos and one 10 yo) on the bike ride down Haleakala and it was so much fun!!! They used Cruiser Bob's. As a side note, my then 10 yo sister was so accident prone (she ended up visiting the ER in Kona) and even she made it safely down the mountain. We also visited Molokini (tons of people like you said) but found a visit to Menele (sp?) Bay to be amazingly quiet and the dolphins swam pretty close to us while snorkeling!

This is amazing! Thanks. I've always wanted to go to Maui but I can't convince my husband to go. He thinks there's nothing to do in Hawaii but lounge about on the beach. He's crazy. I don't like to hang around on a a beach for days either, so I'd rather see the volcano, snorkel, etc. One day soon, maybe as soon as our kids can swim reliably, I will MAKE HIM GO.

We went to Maui (and Kauai) on our honeymoon. That's the only time I've ever been and we did so much STUFF that we barely had time to relax. I want to go back just so I can spend more time snorkeling and just lying around on the beach. (And drinking more lava flows!!)

We did the sunrise on Haleakala and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. It was incredibly freaking COLD (but we read about that in advance and were prepared with many layers), but the views were amazing. We actually went when there was a full moon, which was so bright that we could actually see really well before the sun even came up. Then, when the sun rose through the clouds (oh yeah, I think cloud cover enhances the views), we had the sunrise in front of us and the full moon behind us.

Are you a fan of shave ice? I recommend stopping at Ululani's in Lahaina on your way back from Kaanapali. We tried a few different shave ice places and this was by far the best... they use all homemade flavor syrups. (Not like the fake Toroni stuff most of them do.)

Now I want to go back to Hawaii. Sigh.

Thank you for this. I will be printing this out & studying it before our trip to Maui in October. Of course, I may also hit you up for any fresh intel between your trip & mine. Have a blast!

Now I want to go to Hawaii. We've been to Kauai, next time Maui!

Oh man. I love Maui. At Duke's, they have these crab macadamia nut wontons that are ridiculously amazing. Also: I really dislike Lahaina, but David Paul's restaurant there is terrific.

We're headed to Maui in September as well, and I am so excited! I'm an east coaster, so although I have been to the Caribbean a bunch, this is my first trip to Hawaii. I'm loving the tips -- thanks!

Nice tips! That pineapple place looks awesome.

Amazing post and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

We love Sansei as well. If you go on Sunday or Monday night and get your order in before 6pm, everything is 50% off! There is usually a big line, so you have to get there about 45 minutes before opening. BUT...half off sushi!! (We may or may not have eaten there on Sunday AND Monday during our last trip to Maui).

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