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May 15, 2012


That's obviously what I come here for - garden-side thriller dances. Video next time, please.

Your kid is adorable and so are you. And that BUNNY. What balls.

Since I like to tell you about my garden, I will say that a) SOMEONE ate one of my pepper plants. Just bit the whole thing off. Even though it is in a tall pot on my deck. And b) I used some organic potting soil for my plants and it had some... seeds in it, apparently. And so I keep pulling these little sprouts of SOMETHING out of all my plants. I never imagined that they would be there on purpose! (Although maybe they are just weeds, conspiring to suck the life out of my tomatoes and strawberries?)

In conclusion, YAY for tomato blossoms!

Holy moses. You look so great without makeup on!

Also, rather randomly, I saw a little girl that SO REMINDED me of Claire. It was, like, her Midwest doppleganger.

Your garden appears to be doing better than mine. I shall now be pouting.

Man that is one cute Claire. And? My husband called me out once on still wearing a maternity shirt way past the whole maternity part and I almost ate him whole.

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