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May 27, 2012


How funny that you talk about making the bed vs. not as I just had this discussion with my husband yesterday! I found throw pillows for our bed that I loved but was trying to decide if it was worth buying because we never ever make the bed. But I love the pillows and it was a foun out of business 60% off clearance and well we ended up buying them. Now to see if they ever actually get used (outside of company coming over this forcing me to make the bed!). Love the bedroom/bathroom make over!

Ugh, I hate that the master bedroom is never a spending priority. Guests SEE everything else, so it's all been spruced up. Our bedroom, however, still looks like we just moved in (complete with BOXES) and we've lived here three and a half years. I want to paint the plain white walls, so we've never hung anything. We don't have a bed frame. And, no, I never make the bed (same reasons you originally gave). Every six months or so we say we've GOT to decorate the bedroom.

See, that's why I finally decided that my bedroom was going to be awesome, because I got sick of it never being a priority even though I am always in the damn thing.
I LOVE your new room. It looks so good.
Also, FYI, I bet you could spray paint that bed white, scrollwork and all, and it would look fricking awesome.

Oh, hahahahhaah. You are killing me here. Currently, we have two comforters, one in master bedroom and one in guest bedroom, and they are that same exact crate and barrel pattern. Taupe in bedroom and green on guest room. They were lovely until about ones month ago and I guess that i when they turn on you. Because I currently want to set fire to them. Time for new grown up bedding. Sleep has become my number one preferred from of recreation. And those comforters must go.

Oooh I think it TOTALLY counts as a Whole Room Makeover! The bed looks fabulous. And I love that you carried over that tropical beachy theme into the bathroom.

I spent years never making the bed, but I do like how clean and neat it looks these days. It really is such a quick way to make the whole room look better.

I make the bed most mornings (unless Matt is still in it, on the weekends) but that is half because I am a neatness freak and half because Matt makes such a mess of the covers while he sleeps that if I do not return them to their original positions every day, they like fall off and stuff.

Your before picture is more decorated than our current picture. Our bedroom is kind of sad. But, I have the opposite now. Our current house has the master bedroom upstairs out of the way and I almost never go into it. I intend to decorate it, but I somehow never actually do. (Despite writing several Style Lush posts about how I am going to.)

How much are the canvas prints at Costco? I am trying to get some for our downstairs.

I never made my bed in my whole adult life until I started staying at home and seeing it too often.

And now I need some canvas prints to hang over our bed.

Looks fab!

And I make my bed every single day. I quite literally have not missed a day in probably 15 years and that includes when LG was born. I am insane, I know.

Love that pillow and LOVE the costco canvases. I've never thought to buy them from there and now? I totally will.

I did my best to make the bed when I worked outside of home but if I was too busy to get to it in the morning, then I just didn't sweat it much. But since having Landry and being home full time? OH my. I am not sure there has been one single day the bed wasn't made. It is almost a tick, I cannot stand the thought of walking in to the room with the bed not made. I actually find that I can keep my master bed and bath the cleanest rooms in the house and I keep them as my sanctuary.

Love the redo!

I am a compulsive bed-maker. Always have been. It makes my skin crawl to have the bed unmade, so, I literally have made the bed everyday of my life that I can remember. Even when sick, I'll make it, then climb back in. Probably a good thing especially since the master bedroom shares a door with the living room. Gotta love 90 year old houses! And you never know when Better Homes & Gardens might stop by for an impromptu photo spread :)

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