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May 25, 2012


Of all the meats I will miss, chicken is definitely not one of them. Couldn't agree with you more.

I cooked chicken for dinner the other night and it disgusted me so much during the cooking of that I ate a frozen dinner myself and just let everyone else eat the chicken.

You made a tomato!

I totally get the chicken thing!

1.) I gave up chicken for a loooooong time because I felt EXACTLY the way you do. Also, it made me kind of nauseated to eat it; there was just something about the texture and the flavor that didn't sit well. But after a few years of that (and enduring the puzzled "you don't eat CHICKEN?" looks from a million people) I can finally eat it again without gagging. I don't LOVE it, but it's easy. Although I would still prefer beef or veggies any day of the week.

2.) TOMATO!!!! So very exciting!!! I too have a tomato - actually, THREE tomatoes! One is already a little bigger than a grape tomato and the other two are marble size. I didn't create them from a seedling though - my tomato plants came from Home Depot (although the one that's producing is HUGE now). But nonetheless...It is SO EXCITING! I am refraining from sending you pictures.

I feel the exact same way about chicken. I refuse to cook it at all - Thomas does sometimes, but if he plans a chicken meal there's no way I'm filling in and cooking it. (He does all the meal planning and most of the cooking, but sometimes I cook what he plans.)


Chicken is pretty gross. I started buying exclusively organic 2 years ago and since it is generally harder to find at conventional grocery, I cook it WAY less than I once did. And even then, I really only want it on the grill with some sort of fabulous marinade or something. I had KFC once a few months ago and it was SO VILE and all I could think about was the articles that speak of KFC shocking chickens to death and then I realized that the chicken totally tasted like it had been electrocuted and I sort of threw up in my mouth.

Beef is so much better. And I've been using ground turkey in a lot of recipes these days as well.

(I have a lot to say on the topic of chicken, apparently)

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