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April 01, 2012


No, no, you are spending the money on a learning experience for your children. Yes, that. And start up costs.

Have you considered trying a local high school horticulture department? My brother's program has an annual sale where they sell starts for (pun so intended) dirt cheap. It is cheaper (and easier) that seeds and I have had better results. Though I suppose, technically, it is cheating??

Oh, I think for your own sanity (and encoragement) you shouldn't count the start up costs for things you can re-use in future years. Or divide that cost by 5 or 10 or something (assuming you'll get 5 or 10 or however many years of use of those things). That will drop your cost of one year of tomatoes by more than a third.

Yes, but all this will be PRICELESS when the zombie apocalypse has come and gone and we have to live off the land. Then you can either live off canned tomatoes or trade them to other survivors for toothpaste and toilet paper.

I like the Amelia books for the family relationships. Also her Vicky Bliss books have romance in them but nothing explicit.

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