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April 17, 2012


It gets impressive when you post the pictures of the TOMATOES. That third pinterest picture with the trellised tomatoes is clearly fake, btw. SO FAKE.
This will all be worth it when the BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL non fake tomatoes show up.

I need one of those wheelbarrows!

Wow this is getting serious.

Two things. First? I am totally going to pin your garden on Pinterest.

And two? These are like, totally my favorite posts right now in my reader. I love the A'Dell take on everything, but I ESPECIALLY love the A'Dell Garden DIY Series.

"It has some good garden buzzwords in it like LOAM and MULCH so I said okay, give me some of that stuff." THIS IS MY FAVORITE. I can just HEAR you sighing at the end.

Our garden also looks pathetic! The begging of the garden year (SUCH HOPE AND PROMISE) then a stupid frost and plus all the plants look so little and weak! Like a newborn laying on a king bed but not the garden isnt cute yet either! Keep in mind, its only april and by july, things will be prettier (keep up with the stupid weeds!)
But I seriously loved this post because its exactly how I feel. Cost efficient garden? I dont actually see that occuring since we've had to re-buy half the plants already(April frost. you confused yourself with march. damnit)

I need to go get some tomato cages too and I am so going to buy those exact ones. And just think next year, how cheap our gardens will be when we already HAVE all this stuff.

Dont fret! gardens dont look so great at first. when they get really green and bushy and GROWING you will be so happy!!
also they have colored tomato cages at lowes. i was too cheap to buy them- the regular steel ones were 2.97 each, but maybe spray paint yours? (cause you want more work to do, im sure)

I may be off here, but your yard is completely fenced, right? So that means the bunnies are trapped in your yard, yes? Or there is some small space they're squeezing through to get inside. Perhaps you should make sure every nook and cranny of your fence is sealed - putting that chicken wire stuff behind the bushes or along the fence in spots if need be, then set some humane traps to release the bunnies outside your yard. Voila! You can have your pretty planter boxes without the surrounding wire!

Unless Texas bunnies can hop 6ft fences. Then I stand corrected. But of course your little chicken wire fence wouldn't be helping then either.

Well. You can't really compare fully grown gardens to a new garden. Next year you will be an old pro. I basically just go to the garden store and buy seedlings and then Miracle Gro the crap out of them. So, I love reading all about this! :)

You just need to be patient... your plants are not mature. They will grow and get green and beautiful!!

I suspect that ugly grown tomatoes taste just a delicious at beautifully grown tomatoes? I kid, I kid. Seriously, I don't think it looks as bad as you think it does. Pinterest makes the humans feel bad about themselves.

You are doing marvelous with this garden business, even if you're not totally sold. If it weren't for the gigantic wasteland of pool and concrete in my backyard, I'd be stealing your every last move.

I kind of want to hug you for this post. I guess I did not realize just how BLATANT the Pinterest lies were, so this makes me feel better.

Now, to make YOU feel better: I got one of those little seed pellet things at Home Depot, where you water the little dried-up dirt circles and plant seeds in them? And all of the things I planted are moldy. Plus, two of the four herb plants I've planted are dead. Basil and cilantro, just DEAD.

And I transplanted some hyacinths and they are living, but just barely, and they look horrible.

SIGH. Keeping things alive is hard work.

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