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April 12, 2012


I am very impressed. You're way ahead of me, as I apparently can only sew a straight line into cotton. A few weeks ago, I bought a really long, really 90s Laura Ashley seersucker dress at Goodwill and attempted to turn the skirt into a tablecloth. But no matter what I did, I couldn't keep the thread from bunching on the underside of the fabric. I adjusted the tension several times and tried not to stretch the fabric as I sewed, but it didn't work. I'm fed up to the point I've decided to buy no-sew hem tape.

Anyone want to give me remedial lessons on sewing straight lines?

My mom has always been a fantastic seamstress - like, I'll show her something in a store, she'll look over it, then go home and make it. It's made me extremely lazy - cause why should I learn? My MOM can do it so easily!!!

She made all my clothes and my sister's until we were in junior high and suddenly embarrassed to be in non brand name clothing. Except jeans - we always bought jeans.

But - I have resolved myself to learning now that I have a kid and want to be able to make her cute things. My mom's original sewing machine from 1979 is in a closet at their house just waiting for me to have more than 800sqft in my house to accommodate it and all the thread, bolts of fabric and notions :)

This is awesome! I got a sewing machine at my shower seven years ago and am only sort of good at straight lines. Better than I used to be, but I tend to use my sewing skills to fix things more than create. But last year when I was on maternity leave, I sewed a few pillowcase dresses for my daughter and it was a lot of fun. (I also had an easy baby, because while they are one-day projects, they are kind of intense projects.) I found that using the really light fabric was hard and showed mistakes pretty easily. But the more lineny fabric seemed to hang really nicely. Of course one was huge (and I hope will work for this year) and (two were kind of too small). Maybe, when the baby is older and not so "into" everything, I will try again!

It was definitely neat to learn about garment construction and bias tape and all that!

I will gladly give you lessons. As a teen you weren't interested in sewing your own clothes. I think you learned to sew straight lines due to all the "baby sea bags" you sewed for the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. Your first mistake was paying $7.00 for a pattern! You can find them on sale at Jo Ann's for $.99 or half price. My first experience sewing was in 7th grade Home Economics class. We made a half slip without a pattern. It was supposed to be the cheapest slip we ever owned. Not for my friend and me after we had to purchase yards of lace to coverup our mistake. We cut the fabric too short too...finished project was about12 inches. Mini skirts were popular back then, but it was waay short. Thinking of that mistake, you could "simply" add another layer to the bottom of your skirt to make it longer.

Your legs look amazing! My puffy pregnant cankles are jealous ;)
Love the pattern and your efforts - keep going! Can't wait to see what you try next. I was cracking up at the sizing on the patterns vs. GAP vanity sizing, I shudder to think what "real" size even my non-pregnant hips would be. Don't worry about any fabric being too see-through if you don't want to do multi-layers again (although I love the look), just wear a slip beneath it. I don't know why slips and panty-hose are out of fashion now, I think they're life savers, but I'm probably the only one who still wears them :)

I would LOVE to learn how to sew properly. I have MANY skirts that I need to have altered and a sewing machine but I don't know how to do my own alterations and my sewing machine suddenly stopped winding the bobbin properly (I need to just take it in and have it looked it, not sure if it's worth repairing or just replacing at this point)


I didn't even know that patterns came in SIZES.

I read this with RAPT attention! My mom is also an excellent seamstress (she made me a [very un-PC] gypsy costume when I was in elementary school for Halloween and I wore that thing for YEARS, it was SO BEAUTIFUL!). But I never learned (by my own laziness) to do so much as sew a button. (I CANNOT SEW A BUTTON.) I would LOVE to be able to create my own clothes - and that dress! so lovely! - but it is never going to happen.

Anyway, it sounds like this was the PERFECT learning experience, and you will create something wonderful next time. Can't wait to see it.

That is how I sew too. Things sometimes do not come out so well. Which is why I have decided to stop sewing clothes. There are some pretty easy little girl dress patterns out there though. Look online for free ones.

This was an awesome post. Lots of insight into the fabulous mind of A'Dell. Also your mom's comment made me laugh.
And I agree, yellow over orange.

me! me! me! I want to help!

Really though, the best thing you can do is exactly what you did. Make something, figure out where you messed up and try to mess up less next time.

Seriously though, I can help.

A'Dell, I cannot offer any help with sewing advice, but I can offer my dreadful attempts to show you are not alone! I got into sewing for a very brief moment a few years ago and made myself a tunic. I thought it looked fabulous. Then, while out to dinner with several friends, I realized I had sewn one of the sleeves on inside out. That was the end of my sewing career!


I'm pretty good at sewing straight lines (I've made quite a few blankets!) but not much else. That said, I do know enough about patterns that when you started talking about the pattern sizes my first thought was-- but patterns are sized differently than clothes in the store!


One summer in high school I made a dress with my grandmother. It was the most tedious thing I've ever done (besides embroidery GAWD I hate embroidery.) But I am CURIOUS about making clothes and my mom has an old sewing machine that's mine if I want it and I have a book of very simple patterns, but I am pretty sure I would make ALL the same mistakes.

You sew EXACTLY like I sew.

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