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April 05, 2012


Somewhere (book, cartoon, something) I have read/seen/heard that the Easter bunny has a field full of bunnies and they all paint the eggs.

My summer outfit will be light weight pjs pants from Target and Old Navy with nursing tanks from Target. Glamorous. I am hoping that they will not be vomit covered, but if Darby is any indication I will be enjoying my last chocolate shakes, slices of pizza, cheese burgers in these next 3 weeks and vomit will be a part of my immediate future. Oh well.

Oh, and I love the zig zag kitchen fabric. LOVE!

I'm ready to be DONE with this weaning thing. I'm not enjoying being halfway there.

Paint in the house is really not that bad!

I like that dress! Can't wait to be able to shop again!

I am a dress gal all the way. Mostly because I am pear shaped and shorts look absolutely horrific on me.

Also, that spider is heebing me out to no end.

I agree with no-jeans in the summer. Dresses and flip-flops for me.

OH MY WORD. That chevron-y zigzag fabric is heaven! I think I will order some too and make curtains for my kitchen too. Not to copy you... but because my kitchen walls are grape green and I just put this adorable turquoise plant stand in there yesterday and now the blinds that have been there since we bought the house are drab and OH MY WORD, that fabric. And oh look! Photgraphic evidence of my color scheme, this fabric will be perfection: http://instagr.am/p/JI5au8GKVw/

Yes! Dresses! Mostly because I am certain my pants are never ever going to fit me again. But dresses I can do. I love that one, I'm going to order it RIGHT NOW HA!

Claire has excellent taste in chocolate!
Btw, on Monday I found what I thought was a grape in the washing machine (assumed it was food from Will's bib pocket - except we never give him whole grapes!) Once I picked it up and turned it over turned out to be a grub/catepillar thing of some kind...grooooosss!!! The fact it had been washed was somehow even more disturbing.

Landry weaned much in the same way as your girls, just lost interest. Life is far too fun to be stuck on a boob (says a woman).

I have spent a ton of money at J. Crew this year. I decided that it was time to update my look at the fact that I die with "I WANT! I WANT!" everytime I walk in to the store at NP, I figured it was time to just splurge and enjoy. I haven't let myself go clothes crazy in years and man it feels good to be on the other side of 2 babies ENJOYING my clothes.

I love that dress! I hope you bought it!!

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