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March 29, 2012


We have a bunny too. I am a little concerned. I plan to let the dog chase him. Don't tell PETA that.

Our neighbors got Easter rabbits last year. And decided to let them be free-range in the backyard. They got a pair - a boy and girl. Obviously these people are deranged or planning to start some kind of bunny farming operation in our suburb. I came home to find one of them had eaten ALL 24 of my home-grown broccoli plants all the way to the ground in the span of one afternoon. I was devastated. I'd babysat those plants from birth so felt like I'd lost a major effort.

The rabbit was huge, like the Trix bunny, not the usual small wild brown bunnies I'd seen around. After locating the owners, I retrieved the rabbit several times and returned it home, but finally had to do a fence around my garden because they refused to cage their animal. Got a roll of 1-inch chicken wire (baby bunnies are like mice, can squeeze through TINY spaces) and a roll of those pre-made white picket fences to pretty it up a little and zip-tied it to metal posts you pound into the ground with a hammer or mallet. All from Lowe's, all suprisingly expensive.

The Frogger-like commute for Mr. Rabbit through the neighbor's yard (guarded by Buddy the dog) eventually got to him. Guess they may have decided to get a cage for Mrs. Rabbit after that casualty.

By the way - The $64 Tomato is a really funny book about gardening that I read way before I ever tried a garden. I realize it's basically a losing proposition financially, but do it for fun and to relax anyway. You do so well about tracking expenses and break even, would love to see what you come up with. http://williamalexander.com/64dollartomato/inside.cfm?page=excerpt

I had a deer eating all of my beans and strawberries last year and so I mixed cayenne pepper and water into a mister bottle and sprayed pretty much everything in my garden. It worked and the deer didn't touch anything after that. (much easier than trying to plan a stake out and hit a moving bunny!)

What a bad bunny! I still have made zero progress (zero) in any sort of gardening proposition. But I'm thinking that this year I may start with some herbs and wait until next year to do actual veggies. Disappointing, but MAN is it a lot of work! I am LOVING reading your reports though, and I'll be really curious to know about the financial end of things, too.

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