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March 20, 2012


All right FINE. You have totally kicked my butt into gear. I HAVE ALL THE DIAPERS, but I AM NOT USING THEM. I used them on the previous kids so I'm pretty sure I broke even a long time ago. But between a dryer that requires 2 runs to dry anything (I know, I have to get it fixed) and the laundry room being so! far! away! from EJ's room, my lazy butt has not been interested.

Perhaps I need to buy a few Zinnia diapers to inspire me? (And you're totally right - the velcro on my BG1.0s through 3.0s is really terrible. Still usable, but not awesome.)

We're six months into it and I agree with all points. It's just... easy. I really think if more people KNEW how easy and not-grossER than disposable, they'd do it too. Oddly, the hardest part is deciding WHICH diapers to go with- entering the world of cloth-diaper-speak is confusing, intimidating, etc, and I think THAT'S what deters a ton of people. But if folks would just do what you did, and pick one kind and stock up? Easy-peasy.

(We use a combo of pocket diapers (bum genius 4.0, fuzzibunz, and blueberry- all snap) and trifolds w/ econobunz covers. And a few covers people gave us. I KNOW- we're doing BOTH ends of the spending spectrum and nothing in between. I like having a variety though, so it works for us.)

How dare BG come out with new colors when I have no one to diaper? Especially two of the colors I kept begging them for?

I am so doing cloth diapers when/if we have another. I wish I'd had all this info the first time around, about how not-that-hard it is. Especially when you point out that cloth diapers = NACHOS. I can get behind that kind of math. And that photo of Charlotte is one of the best studio-type baby photos I have seen. I usually prefer candid outdoor shots, because the studio ones so often veer into this awful posed saccharine land. But that photo? Is fantastic. The props are clever without being contrived, the light is great, and perfect expression on the baby.

Franken-baby walking is the cutest thing I've seen all day!!!!!

Also, you are making this sound pretty easy A'Dell. I like it.

I'm so glad that it's still going well. It's hilarious how much cheaper it ends up being. And don't forget -- these diapers do retain some value. When you're done (and if you don't think you'll be diapering any more kids), you'll be able to sell your diapers for at least $8 (if not $10 each).

This info is SO INCREDIBLY USEFUL for me right now. I've been reading about cloth diapers from 8,692 sources online for years (because I am insane), but you are one of the few who wrote about a relatively SIMPLE system - one kid of diaper that works, the end. Everyone else seems to have so much going on I just can't even figure it out.
I think we're going to CD Littlebit when he gets here in July. Or we will once the umbilical cord stump falls off, because people told me disposables are better at avoiding irritating the stump without crazy origami. I have some prefolds coming from Dashoff and plan to invest in BGs thereafter, as long as prefolds go well. I'm glad to see you make it 2-3 days between washes, because with both of us working full time that sounds doable. I'll be on maternity leave for the first three months, so I'm not worried about the frequency of diaper laundry then.
Oh I can't WAIT to get cloth diapers. They are so darn cute.

I love my new cloth diapers:) I wish I'd started using them sooner!

(Also, I have been working on a 'how much money will cloth diapers save us' post for a few days and I'm worried it will seem like a rebuttal of your post or something. It definitely isn't!!)

When the ammonia toddler pee comes (and it will KNOCK YOU OVER), I highly recommend Rockin' Green's Funk Rock Ammonia bouncer. It is AMAZING. So glad you took the plunge with cloth :)

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