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March 21, 2012


Don't you wish there was something that automatically recorded children when they are hilarious?

Too funny! I literally laughed out loud.

Um, is the margarita recipe just as (or almost as) good without the beer? Roger and I both hate beer with the burning fury of ten-thousand suns....

So you are going to hire him, right? Just for the good stories? It will definitely be worth it.

HVAC sales guys are some crazy bastards.

When we had our new furnace and air conditioner installed a few years ago, I just never knew what/who was going to show up to give me an estimate.

Best Margarita recipe ever-TRUST-http://elzabelz.blogspot.com/2010/05/best-margarita-recipe-ever.html

That contractor sounds way weird. Those must be soem special painkillers he's taking!

Well if you ever get lonely you now have your own version of the Brazilian pool boy.

Kids playing Fruit Ninja makes my heart happy. Mine is so freaking serious about it--the look on his face! Kills me. Your contractor sounds super creepy!

I am a sucker for a great margarita... but... beer? Really? REALLY?

The contractor sounds weird and more than a little creepy!

That margarita sounds AWESOME. But I love beer. I sure would love to cheat on my diet and make one right now but I WILL WAIT. Puerto Rico, 2 weeks.

We've discussed getting a new HVAC simply for a higher SEER to help with our electricity costs in the summer (AAAHHHHH!!!!) and I was STUNNED at the cost of them. For 2 units? Uh. That's a nice new car. Seriously. So sorry you guys had to pay for that right now. It deserves its own savings category for real.

I love the "no fruit for you!" Made me laugh. Out loud EVEN!

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