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February 11, 2012


I would LOVE to have a garden, but I kill everything. Seriously. I probably couldn't keep a weed alive. My husband, on the other hand, can grow ANYTHING. (Before we met he worked in a plant store and grew orchids as a hobby. He knows how to hybrid plants and all sorts of crazy stuff.) Anyway, since it would be up to him entirely to keep a garden alive, I leave it up to him whether or not to plant one. And so far the verdict every year has been- no garden. Someday though!

I so want a garden but I'm pretty sure I'd kill it all. I did have an herb garden last year and loved that. It was so nice to just step outside and get some basil. Good luck, and take pictures, I'll live vicariously thru your tomatoes

Do not plant the mint in the ground near anything that you like. Mint will take over everything. Put it in a pot by the back door or something. Mint is a maniac!

Basil and Rosemary are super easy. I didn't kill those.

Good luck!

I'm going to do a container garden on the back patio this summer. I used to be a great gardener, then I grew up and everything started dying. So this year, I am going to redeem myself.

I'm not getting seeds though. I'm going to go with the little plants that are already half finished. Less for me to ruin.

Good luck with your garden! Growing anything in Texas is a challenge; your Dad and Granddad have had several years experience. Remember when you were young and your little hands could reach through the tomato cage and your tiny fingers could pick the Sweet 100 tomatoes so easily for us? Each spring a friend gave us transplants she had grown in the house from seed using flourescent lights placed about 5 inches above them. We planted them outside about April 15 when the ground had warmed.

I am a half-assed, partial-fail gardener and legendary house plant killer myself. Herbs are teh awesome - they need very little care, grow all summer, and you can throw them in everything. They've been by far my best gardening success. Squash also tends to be easy and crazy-prolific. Two plants were one too many for us. I totally failed at tomatoes, after trying to grow a Mr. Stripey plant a few years ago (was also sucked in by the name!). My plant just grew taller forever, and finally fell over to be left for dead when it outgrew its stake, and then had the gall to produce two very green tomatoes practically at Halloween. May you not get my tomato karma. I did have the crazy idea of trying some in pots this year...we'll see, and the lettuce sounds worth a shot too...now look what you've done! Pray for the plants...

Oh good for you!! I am so glad you are taking the leap! I will try to follow in your footsteps once some of the endless snow melts. And, um, any DEEPLY DETAILED step-by-step posts you want to write about actually DOING the garden would be devoured with great gusto by yours truly.

yes to the homegrown caprese salad! i ate that every day last year, sometimes twice a day. can you post pictures when your seeds are planted?!

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