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February 20, 2012


1. What a cool photo of your ancestor! She had killer cheekbones - beautiful.

2. I am rooting for all 72 plants to thrive.

3. That seed starter looks awesome! You had me intrigued when you mentioned how easy it was, but what really sells it is the tidy part!

I can't wait for the next in this series.

For only $7 that looks like a way better idea than making your own seed starters. I hope the tomatoes do well this year!

They look like undercooked cupcakes! Hope they grow well, I'm so jealous as nothing grows out here without large amounts of too much work.

I love it! And dude, you're going to have tomatoes for the whole neighborhood. Maybe even the whole city. I planted 4 tomato plants last year, and we had 85 tomatoes (of various sizes and varieties, some were cherry) from those 4 plants. :)

Okay, keep me updated. If this works well, I will do this next year instead of buying the tiny plants like I am going to do this year.

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