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February 23, 2012


That wedding cake is stunning. Congrats to your brother. I wish him and Eden all the happiness.

Congrats to your brother! My little brother is getting married in a couple months too and even though we aren't as close as we once were, I can see having these same feelings that you had.

The wedding looked beautiful and that picture of you is great too!

Boy am I a sucker for weddings. Just reading this made me tear up! Congratulations to your brother!

I really really really hope someone prints this and gives it to both of them. It brought tears to MY eyes, so.

Really beautiful, A'Dell. I'm so glad it was such a happy wedding.

Okay, since I got all teary at a post about your brother getting married, I shall be packing several handkerchiefs for my brother in law's wedding this summer.

Congratulations on your new sister in law!

THIS: "Growing up is such a never ending process. Are we there yet?"

Yes. Perfectly said.

Oh, this post is SO sweet! Congratulations to your brother and new sister-in-law!

All that I can think to say is thank you, and I love you too sis.

This is an incredibly sweet post. I do not have this kind of relationship with either of my younger brothers and they are so far off in another direction from doing marvelous, unselfish grown up things that hearing someone else talk so glowingly upon their younger sibling gives me hope that my girls will someday have a relationship that is nothing like what I know. Congrats to him, and you for gaining a SIL!

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