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January 12, 2012


Three words:
Heath Bar Blizzard!!!
My favorite dessert at Dairy Queen, you must try if you just found out you like toffee ;)

Oh, I was on a toffee kick for several months in 2011. Pretty sure that's where some of this extra 20lbs came from. Try the Hershey Skor bar. I think it's way better than the Heath.

I second the Skor recommendation. It's thinner, but just as tasty.

Also, my mom used to make angel food cake and then--as the "frosting" on top and around--crush up multiple Heath Bars, mix them into a tub of Cool Whip and spread THAT on the angel food cake. If you like any of those things, you will want to die of the tasty goodness.

This winter (so far! still room to get shitty!) has been so glorious compared to the last two and this past summer. It's like Texas KNEW I was thinking what states were going to be my next home.

Oh my goodness, Heath Bars are so good. One of my favorites, since childhood. Someone gave Matt some kind of toffee/chocolate/graham cracker cookie thing for Christmas and no one has been able to provide me with the recipe yet. I REQUIRE the recipe.

Never much liked toffee but haven't tried in years. Maybe sometime in the future when I can eat milk again... though I will say that since I discovered I can eat dark chocolate, I'm obsessed with taking a bite of dark choc followed by a sip of good red wine. Not sure why it took me getting here to figure out how awesome that really is. Nice random tangent, you're welcome!

I read somewhere recently (I don't think it was your blog, but it could have been--I'm exhausted)that "2 is 3 with intent." And yes, I like that interpretation. I see this everyday and it is simultaneously awesome and exhausting. Motherhood is hard. (DUH)

I'm not a big fan of caramel, either. I thought I was the only one! Also, now k has me dying to have heath-bar angel food cake. That stuff is GOOD, even though I don't normally like angel food cake.

I forgot about Skor bars! Must buy one! Stat!

Our solution to the bazillion cup problem was water bottles. Each kid gets a bottle for the day and that's it, except for at meals. It also limits the milk/juice consumption, which was good for my chunky monkeys. (Not that might kids are on a diet, but oh lord I'm just going to stop typing now ...)

I adore toffee. Trader Joe's has this English toffee, coated in dark chocolate and then crusted with pistachios. It is TO DIE FOR. I can't be trusted with it. The toffee is thicker than a Heath Bar, so more toffee=win.

You can also make toffee, at home, did you know that? It's embarassingly easy. I remember melting margarine and sugar together, cooking it for exactly seven minutes, then pouring it into a buttered pan, covering it with chocolate chips. let it set and then break it up and devour it.

Okay, I know how i'll be spending naptime today.

That last paragraph made me give a little happy sigh, and take a closer look out MY windows. It's winter, and it's my favorite season, and snow is sifting down, spinning this soft cocoon of white all around me, and oh I am grateful for that!

I would like to add my voice to the others recommending Skor. It and Heath are both delicious in their own ways, but surprisingly different from one another!

I ALSO dislike caramel and WANT TO MARRY toffee. Obvs I recommend the easy toffee bars (graham cracker bottom, cooked butter/brown sugar middle, melted chocolate chips on top. DIVINE.)

OMG TOFFEE. My favorite. Dan got me a bag of these for Christmas. http://ghirardelli.com/products/chocbars_intense_toffee.aspx YOU MUST GET THEM. AMAZING.

Age Three is basically insanity. It gets better and the psychotic breaks spread out a little bit after they turn four ;) LOL And I think I need to institute that one cup rule because GOOD LORD am I drowning in sippy cup parts over here.

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