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January 22, 2012


Yes, when you tweeted the six month pictures (adorable!), instead of thinking "she looks like Claire" I thought "she looks like Chris!"

Isn't it amazing to watch babies turn into people?!?! I know that's a stupid thing to say but watching them grow and change just blows my mind

They both photograph so well. I suppose that is just because they are so adorable.

They really did look identical as newborns. They still look alike now, but you can at least tell them apart. Both of them are adorable though!

They are SO CUTE. But yes, differences are starting to appear! Although I love how they have that same open-mouthed glee.

such beautiful girls!!! i love the 6 month chubbiness!

you make adorable children!!! I would start writing on this pictures or labeling the files, b/c they are going to be so hard to tell apart!!

It may be an obvious statement, but lately I find myself saying it daily. And every time I tell someone how baffled I am that my kids are such polar opposites I'm met with a general look of "well duh". But, like your girls, mine started out looking like twins who were born 2 years apart, and now that they're so vastly different? A bit bizzare to me.

Your girls are too cute for words, good work momma.

My sister and I look a little similar but (in my opinion) VERY different and yet we get asked ALL THE TIME if we're twins. Like, IDENTICAL twins. People are so weird.

Written notes on the back of the photos are still best. You won't believe how hard it becomes to tell them apart after your eyes are older and tired(er), and your memory runs downhill. Cheri has posted some photos of herself and sister, and I had to pull the paper photograph out of the album to check the identity. Of course, it's harder to notate electronic photos. Anyway, I sure enjoy the photographs of your lovely daughters!

Your girls do look very similar but they you can definitely see a difference as Charlotte is getting older. They are just both so adorable.

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