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January 05, 2012


OMG, she's so cute. I just want to eat her up.

I cannot wait to hear more about your vacation. I fully intend to live vicariously through you.

We are going to Cabo in June for a family wedding.

My tree and decorations are coming down today. I am both happy and sad about this.

I do the "put things in a room and don't enter that room" thing as well. But then, when I DO have to go into that room, I get filled with RAGE that the things aren't dealt with. Smart.

Your Use All the Miles trip sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Your kitchen helper IS adorable.

Oh my heavens that baby. I wanna eat her.

And I heartily recommend the Turks & Caicos. Lord alive it's delightful there.

Votes for Puerto Rico and Cayman. We were lucky enough to go to both last year- one with the kids, one without and both were WONDERFUL. Like amazingly wonderful. Highly recommend!

If you go to Cayman, do not stay at 7 mile, go to Turtle's Nest Inn. Trust me.

Ok just filled out the thing for our first gen nano. Hope I get a new one too. Thx for the tip. Fingers crossed.

We got the brand spanking new nanos, as well. We both bought each other the first generation for Christmas that year it came out and I also don't know what to do with thing. I have a video ipod and iPhone... what do I need this new little thing for exactly? But it is cool and kinda FREE so I'll just smile when I see it, I guess.

I love how you're feeling and kinda dying to get there myself. This baby has been humbling.

The trip sounds fabulous! Jealous!!

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