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December 08, 2011


MY GOODNESS. I am hungry just thinking about this. And I am tired too, just thinking about the work you'll have to do.

If you are going to do the sandwichy pinwheel roll-up things, please do them in the spinach tortillas so that you can stack them in a Christmas tree shape like I have on my Pinterest because I really want to do that but won't this year and I'd like to live vicariously.

And for vegetables and dip, the internet provided me with the suggestions of arranging it as a Christmas tree or a Christmas wreath. I would vote the tree because the wreath looks more like just a plate of vegetables. http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Vegetable-Wreath-with-Dip

Oh, and for the hot chocolate bar, this year I have personally purchased french vanilla marshmallows shaped like snowmen and gingerbread marshmallows shaped like gingerbread men, and I have been told that peppermint marshmallows also exist.

I read all of this and then I passed out. Then I woke up and thought, "Wine!" So that is what I took from all of your planning. Am now drinking. Everything is better.

Also, JEN, I am TOTALLY DOING the spinach pinwheel tree at my party. Well, my sister the caterer is doing it. I am not. I will be drinking wine.

I love when you and Elizabeth post these menus. Menu planning MAKES ME GIDDY!

Ha! I have tried to get my mother to give me her mac and cheese recipe several times and she's always all like "Oh...I don't use a recipe...I just kind of wing it" and then waves her hand around vaguely. There is something to do with...some kind of bechamel sauce she has to make first? And it requires corn starch? I don't know. I'll try and pin her down, but she's in England for the next two weeks, so if all else fails, Martha Stewart's mac and cheese is fantastic -- rather different, but still fantastic.

Might I recommend a pinwheel tortilla thingy? Cream cheese spread with chives and prosciutto. Delicious.

Your cocoa-coffee bar sounds amazing! Please post photos of it - I want to see the caraffes, glasses, and add-ins in all their glory!
Also, we are going to do a "Christmas Chili Bar" for our Christmas meal. Your list of soup add-ins gives me some great ideas.

I want to go to this cookie party SO BAD. IT HURTS!! This sounds SO FUN AND AMAZING. Maybe next year, when I'm not feeling so grinchy and bah humbug, I will try and copy you. Holy awesome party.

My Christmas menu:

Holy snakes!

Lady, you BRING IT when it comes to food.

If you ever want a real recipe for fudge, ask me. I have a handwritten card left in a recipe box from the original owners of our 1924 house, that says "See's Fudge" on it. And there is probably one of the original See's Candies stores a mile or so away - soooo, yah. Legit? Who knows. But it is DELICIOUS. Requires much stirring, but worth it.

For your antipasti platter, you HAVE to get some pickled asparagus and/or pickled green beans. I'm not one for pickled anything, but those are AWESOME... and as a happy bonus, if you have any left, you can add them to your Bloody Mary bar :)
I'll email you my Mum's mac n cheese recipe - it's for the REAL kind, the stuff that you can cut into a square!

Benjamin Werth!
The baby was expected in September, and the couple is having huge problems because they didn't "do the deed" to match up with a baby in December!
Uh oh!
I don't think anyone's shocked.

Sounds like I'll be inviting myself over to your house to eat everything.

I want to come visit and eat and eat and eat. Holy cow - your holiday menus always blow my mind. Well done!

you freeze mashed potatoes? REALLY? my mind is blown.

for one of the dec 24th dinner veggies id do roasted brussel sprouts. YUM.

and we were just talkng about herbed butter at dinner last night. YUMYUM. no clue how to make it though.

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