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December 02, 2011


Well you SHOULD like it because you look hot. Yup, indeed.

I totes wanted to make these! Perfect timing! Thanks for the photo step by step.

Last year I fully intended to do this and...didn't. Maybe we'll make them tomorrow! We do have jar of cinnamon and lots of applesauce.

So I've never heard of doing this, but what a great plan....totally going to use this for "do a craft with mama" day, and add on to gifts.

Unrelated: great pic of you!

Some things:

You look great in that photo - so pretty!

Your baby is ADORABLE.

I love how serious and earnest Claire is while making the dough.

These ornaments sound pretty awesome. I am particularly won over by the good smell aspect.

I think you looked amazing too, thanks for coming over to say, 'hi'! I have a question: do you think 2 yrs old is too young to make the ornaments?

You have inspired me to make these cookies so our kitchen will smell good. Wish I had a good helper like Claire.

What a hottie! I've never heard of these ornaments, what a great idea!

I have never heard of applesauce cinnamon ornaments. I am totally planning to make these soon. thank you

You look great!

Thank you so much for the peppermint mocha PSA. I LOVE those things and have been seriously considering the skinny version. I'm not afraid of low-fat milk; however, the sugar-free syrup is a deal breaker. Yuck.

Also, you look great in that picture.

Never heard of this, it seriously makes a dough when you mix it all together? Crazy! We may have to do this!

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