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December 28, 2011


A'Dell, you are hilarious. This whole thing made me laugh. Also: Mumford & Sons? HATE HATE HATE. Like, can not even understand the love HATE. So cheers to that! ;) Glad you had such a great year!

I love this little year-end quiz, and I love your answers! The Starbucks comment made me giggle.

Sounds like a WONDERFUL year! I hope 2012 brings you great joy (and a pile of tax free cash, obvs)!

Merry 2012! Love these posts every time you do them... makes me want to do it, too. Maybe, I shall!

I take it, then, Charlotte is OFF the prevacid? Because that is marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!! We are still spending $250/month on it right now, because generic prevacid is "on backorder" (been getting this same line at the pharm for 3 months now) and our insurance BLOWS!

BWAHAHAHAHA! Starbucks, meds, scam...you have me in stitches over here.

Happy 2012 to you!

Sometimes I scan these surveys but I read every answer of yours! Made me laugh!

How do you like your Beaba Babycook thing? Trying to decide whether I need something like it...

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