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November 06, 2011


We had the same hellish period right around three, and now that D's 3 1/2, he's someone that I enjoy spending time with! It's like a switch in is brain moved from little monster to mostly-delightful-being overnight.

Those pictures are incredible. Also, I love her shirt.

Absolutely beautiful pics. Glad things are going well for you all right now.

great pictures! She's so cute!

Love the photos. She is so cute. I love that she has a seat for her baby on her bike.

What a cutie (and where did you get that awesome helmet?)! 3 is going to kick my ass, though, I just know it.

I have missed your blog. So glad I found it again.

That's awesome! I am so glad to hear that there is hope in three! :)

She is so darned cute. And on that bike! What a big girl!

How cute is she?!

So glad to hear it. Those are adorable pictures!

Beautiful girl! Also, the second picture is a total Charlotte "HEEEEY" face. Love it!

She is so ADORABLE! I see a lot of you in her face. Yay for a much nicer version of three!!

What a happy, wonderful little girl.

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