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November 09, 2011


Super cute hair! I too suck at blowdrying with a round brush, but I have found a trick that works for me -- Velcro rollers. I separate my hair into 2-3 inch sections, and wrap them around Velcro rollers, then dry each section at a time, re-rolling after I'm done. It may not work for everyone, but man, does it make a difference for me.

I love your hair! Did you bring her a picture or just describe it to her? I could really use a new cut, and this is so nice on you!

Will definitely be picking up the Steve Jobs' book now. Our first family computer was an Apple, and I fondly remember evening games of Frogger with my brothers!

Cars 2 sucks. That is all. Except that clearly, I must read the Jobs bio. We drink the Mac Crack in this house, and I am currently embarrassed to admit to the number of Apple devices that are in this house. I also have total recall of those same Apple computers in school - it was 6th grade for me. So vivid! And your hair is AMAZING. Keep playing with it - you'll get the hang of it.

Cars 2 was the worst ever, the end.

Your hair is lovely.

I bought a $12 tree skirt post Christmas at Safeway and it has been the best purchase. Not as good as your twitter post purchase, but close.

I will have to read that book now!

Your hair looks so great! Beautiful A'Dell. :-)

Also, I love love love your tree skirt idea. I have wanted a beautiful tree skirt FOR YEARS, but also refuse to pay all that money for something that is going to be covered up for three weeks and then stored in a box for the rest of the year. While I've considered making my own, it never occurred to me to start with a cheap one and then make IT my own. So smart.

I have to go. I have some sewing to do.

I hated Oregon Trail. It was so long! Pre-trip shopping alone took a couple hours (including time for all the freezing up). I kept playing it because I thought I must be missing whatever made everyone love it and eventually it would click. Never did.

Your hair looks great!

We watched Cars 2 for the first time the other day. Didn't hold the kids' interest AT ALL.

Apparently we are spoiled when it comes to tree skirts. We have one that my grandma handmade.

I definitely want to read the Steve Jobs book.

I seriously feel like a whole new person since it stopped being 108 degrees every day. I find indoors and outdoors much more pleasant.

I want a good hair cut soooo badly. And your hair looks really great.

The best part of Cars 2 is the Toy Story short.

Your hair looks lovely!!

I also have life long memories of Apple stemming from the library at my elementary school playing Oregon Trail :-)

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