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October 16, 2011


Yeah, I just bought this one too. I haven't read it yet though (I went on a parenting book buying frenzy and bought three at the same time).

I think you should design that shirt. I'd buy one.

I loved the 4 year old book too. It just made me feel so much BETTER. All this horrible behavior is normal and right on track and all the stuff I am intuitively doing is the correct stuff.
I had to laugh though - they say something like "Four year olds hate it when mother is on the phone. We recommend that mother not talk on the phone." Ok, then! Funny.

So funny, because I ALSO JUST BOUGHT THIS BOOK. Out of total desperation. I too loved all of the statements re: please, get babysitters! Send them to nursery school! FARM THESE CRAZY LITTLE PEOPLE OUT NOW BECAUSE IT IS THE ONLY WAY. The book has been remarkably consoling, as have the accounts from you & many other parents of kids this age. I have talked or e-mailed or Twittered with at least 5 other mothers who described incidents with their kids that were word-for-word identical to things that happened in our house. And I was so relieved to not be alone. Things have leveled off since I realized I needed to disengage and not argue - thanks goodness. Let's hear it for the identical evil Age Three Clone Pod Children. I think it calls for a group drink - raise your wine glass of survival! Cheers.

I went and looked at the series and can I say, just based on the title, I CAN'T WAIT FOR FIVE. Sunny and serene? I'll take that.

But three? THREE? SUCKS.

I am with you on feeling better knowing it's not my fault. So, I shall go and buy the book and hope it helps. Somehow.

I just added these to my Amazon Wishlist. Because I have to do Age Three again in two years and dude. I just don't know if I can handle it. It was rough. I realize now that 99% of what happened was not our fault (age three is just sucky plus we had another baby in the middle of it all- double the suckage!) but I'm sure in another 2 years I'll forget that and need these books. :) So thank you! heh

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