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October 28, 2011


Awww I feel your pain. We lost our dog in March, she was 12. It was the worst day for me in a long time (well until Friday when I had to check the toddler into the hospital for dehydration..parenting fail). We still miss her terribly, but we do now have two new puppies. We only lasted two months without a dog. We only went to look at the puppies, I was not going to BUY anything. But crap, they're soooo cute, and I couldn't separate sisters, and dammit. Now we have two dogs. So beware of the "let's just go look" trips :)

Wow - I so relate to this...my husband and I had SUCH a hard time deciding to adopt a new dog after we lost both of ours. It was over a year and a half before I could even think about it, and even then, I just did it because it was my Valentine's Day gift. My heart wasn't in it. And despite what people told me, I was sure - SURE - that I could never love another dog the way I adored Riley and Murphy.

Imagine my shock when I realized I was wrong. The part of my heart that wasn't done healing yet? Jack healed it immediately with his sunny disposition and wet kisses. I couldn't believe it. I seriously thought I would resent him! Anyway, we went from having two older dogs to have a pup (he was a year when we got him) and the transition has been great for our souls. I still my miss besties...but I have a funny feeling they led us to the fuzzy burst of happiness that's now in our home. I'm not pressuring you either way - I'm just telling you I understand and now know that loving a dog is something special, but thankfully somewhat transferable. :)

We also decided we would not have dogs for a while (a long while) but I still miss our other dogs.

I still have my dog's tags and his collar. He died 15 years ago. My dad didn't wash the window Pepper had slobbered all over for at least a year. I have yet to get another dog, but that's because random cats keep "finding" me. Two months ago, my beloved cat died in the hallway. My 3 year old got to kiss him goodbye. Ava still asks about Jordan now and then. I tear up every time. I tell her he's dead and we will never see him again. I think sometimes the meaning of "never again" hits her, but most of the time it doesn't. It sucks, and hurts.

I have a fleecy sweatshirt that I don't wear very often, but when I did, my cat (the one I had growing up, from age 5-21) loved to sit on me and snuggle a lot. Once after wearing it, I folded it up, and put it away in the drawer, not washing it because I hadn't worn it much. Later, after she died, I was digging through my drawer and found it - cat hair and all. I folded it back up and put it away. I couldn't wash it for another 5 years.

I'm sorry, it really sucks to lose a pet.

I'm really sorry. Losing a pet is so hard. It's like losing a family member but the rest of the world doesn't always see it that way. Hugs to you

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