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October 27, 2011


This is exactly it. One day at a time! And that picture is HILARIOUS. ha :)

First off, I LOVE Claire's outfit. So cute.

And second, I feel all of these things. I rapid cycle through them all day long.

I love this post!

Dishes.... suck. We can't use our dishwasher and my husband's idea of "helping" is to let them soak indefinitely, so I can totally relate to the suckitude of that chore.

Some days being a SAHM are awesome and I wonder how I ever get frustrated with the child. And other days? I want to drop-kick him out of the second story window.
Wine would be the obvious answer, but apparently that is frowned upon when you are incubating a human in your body... ;)


(Sorry to project my own situation onto yours)

It's a cute picture even with the yakking.

And yes, those things. All the time. I love the have-it-all-together moments, but the other times, I feel like I am drowning. And then I feel like a loser because I ought to be able to do this, right?

I SO feel this post. And I'm pretty sure the pregnancy hormones just amplify the feelings.

Oh! You continue to be inside my head, I swear. I also would like to squeeze the heck out of your adorable, adorable children.

YES. Especially the first 3-4 paragraphs.

Awesome picture-- yak never looked so cute!

That is the pinnacle of cuteness right there. Great post. I agree 100%. I think that with parenting you have to accept that there are good and bad days. But damn, it seems like there is an awful lot of bad ones sometimes?

I love this post. I think I've decided you're my internet soul mate.

Very cute pic. I'm very sometimes up in here too.

I loved this so much. The truth of it all, it's so not straightforward. Laughing, crying, who knows? (And THAT PICTURE. Cry-laff, all the way.)

I love this post. You totally nailed all the feelings moms have all day long :)

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