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October 12, 2011


We cloth diaper too. A flushable liner can lessen the need to spray. Just shake the poo and liner into the toilet and you are done. You still might need to spray the wipes, but that's not too bad.

HOLD UP, nobody told me about touching poop.

I also agree with liners; also, if something is extra gooey, stain-y or stinky, I spray a little bac out on it (by bioclean). I'm glad that the CDs have worked for you, and I like how you always show The Math.

OMG Thank you for posting this! I was just going to try to email you to ask you a buch of questions about your cloth diapering experience but you must have read my mind because here are the answers to most of my questions! We're expecting #3 and my husband will only buy into it if it is a money saver (I tried to convince him when we had #2 but he didn't buy it. Of course if we had done it then, think of all the money we'd be saving now using them with another kid!) Our only difference is that we probably spent about 2/3 what you spent on disposables because we always bought cheap Target brand, which are CHEAP but never leaked. So 24 has always been enough? How often do you wash them? And can you please post another update in a few months after you've really gotten into solid foods more? Thanks again for answering my questions without me having to ask!

If you don't want to do the flush-able liners, you can also make your own. That's what we did. Just went and bought some fleece from Joann's that was on sale and cut it into 12"x5" strips.
The best way to use, at least for us, is to lay it in the diaper, then pull the fleece up over her, THEN pull the diaper up. Great thing about the fleece is that her diaper will be nice and wet but her bottom isn't. Also makes poop with solids ALOT easier to clean up. I don't even bother with the sprayer. I find that just dunking and swishing the liner gets it pretty poop-free. :)

I love cloth diapers so much that I was almost disappointed when Elizabeth stopped using diapers. It's a really weird thing to say too, I know.

I'm so glad that it's been easy for you. It's true, though - it fits easily into our lives as well, especially with two in diapers. And I'm really glad that you liked the wetbag.

We use disposables, but I have LOVED hearing about those that use cloth. It just seems to work with such ease.

As for touching poop, I am immune as well. It seriously does not even phase me. I am equal parts horrified and proud of this fact.

You are a rockstar for cloth diapering! I would like to try it too!

I love our cloth diapers too! The best part is, since we used them for Kid #1, we don't have to spend a single cent for Kid #2. I am glad to have a diaper sprayer for sure.

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