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September 04, 2011


Paul has had several bottles in his life, but he still hates them and won't drink more than an ounce at a time. I don't mind being on round-the-clock feeding duty, but the poor kid is going to have a rude awakening when I go back to work...

You're doing more than okay at it. No question.

At 3 years old, we went the route of a hybrid friend / family party, by which it was mostly family, plus a couple of kids in the nearish age range that we knew from the neighborhood, church, whatever. 3 is a tough age for birthday parties for sure. You'll be fine whatever way you decide to go. And I'm more than willing to a) help, and b) farm out Sabrina to be a birthday party attendee since she's well practiced as a participant in her big brother's shindigs, and she's 3, too, so she knows the gig. Or we can forget it all and take the kids to burn off some energy at McDonalds. Whichever.

Go Aggies!

Elizabeth would take bottles. But only until she turned three days old. Then she decided she was old enough to know better. And it SUCKED.

For our last birthday party, I had three of her friends over on like a Tuesday morning. I called it a playdate with cake.

I am impressed with the four months and starting scheduled activities. Because Elizabeth is two and a half and I am still not ready for scheduled activities. That would mean that I'd have to be on time to places on a regular basis?

I am way to lazy for anything but family parties. Fortunately Kalena thinks if there are presents and cake we're having a GREAT time. So I probably won't plan anything else until she thinks differently.

Also, I clicked over and read that cupcake/frosting recipe and MAN that sounds like a lot of work! Couldn't you just use meringue powder instead of doing that whole heating egg whites in sugar bit? Or does that defeat the purpose of a "meringue buttercream?"

Your pictures made me so hungry! My stomach grumbles! LOL

I told Sophie she could invite 3 friends since she was turning 3 and it worked out perfectly. Threw in some cousins and it was the perfect size. I think I'm going to keep the guests to the age she's turning. I read somewhere that it matches were they are at developmentally and it will be a good way to keep the parties from getting Out Of Control...like so many are. Anyway, she'll be excited for presents and cake and it being all about her that she won't care if it's family or friends.

We have yet to do a "friends invited" party - Lucy has always been too little; Asher has yet to make a friend that isn't a family member. I mean, we have friends with kids his age, but he doesn't actually TALK to them, even though he indicates when we are home that the kid is his friend. So it hasn't been worth it for us.

What we do instead is treat him to a special day out. Last year we went to Six Flags America for the day because they have an entire Thomas the train-themed area, and he loved it and we are going back this year. We invite family to go along, and then on his actual birthday, we have cake and ice cream and presents with family. The end.

There is a chance, a VERY SLIGHT CHANCE, that if he wants to have a party with friends from school this year (I DOUBT IT) we will have all the kids over to my parents' house and my friend Anna will bring over her pony for the kids to ride. But this is only if Asher WANTS this, which he probably will not.

Do you want to borrow Anna and her pony?

I love that you caught Claire's hand sneaking a cupcake! So cute!

Girl. She's three, she won't know the difference! Get a Costco cake, maybe have some people that *you* like over (whether they have kids or not), drink some wine, and take a picture of her blowing out a candle. Done.

I'm with Beth. Our kids' birthday parties always end up being more our parties. The kids have fun, but I'm just not ready to get all hot and bothered trying to impress a bunch of preschoolers. They don't care.

I SNORT LAUGHED when you pointed out her little paw snagglepussing a cupcake in the corner of the frame. LOVE IT.

And three sticks of butter sounds heavenly.

Along those lines, I used a trainer at our gym to get the last bit of Ezra-weight off before trying to get knocked up again with Noah and Iris. It worked as I repeatedly got my ass handed to me by the trainer. Sometimes you just have to turn to the professionals.

I don't know if Kyle is the one friend her age (probably not) but I can guarantee he won't be busy. Guaranteeing he won't be sick is a whole 'nother story, of course. SINCE HE IS SICK RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS.

I haven't done a single bottle yet and Scarlett is 7 weeks. Landry only ever took a handful of bottles in 12 months, either, and she never really had an issue. Nursing straight from the source is just too darn easy when you aren't working out of the home. The process of dealing with bottles is a real pain and don't get me started on pumping. Blah.

I find the working from home about 10-20 hours a week satisfies my career needs while letting me fill the SAHM need void as well. I'm not going to lie, it isn't easy sometimes, but is worth it to me.

I will not do another at home birthday party. Its too much work, stress, etc. I will outsource for someone else to clean up after next time. The party is really more for the adults at this point anyways, yes? As long as there are cake and presents, I don't think the kids care a lick at this age.

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