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August 30, 2011


My littlest sister had imaginary friends (Harry and Hecku) and I have very fond memories of them. I feel like they were almost as big of a part of my childhood as they were of hers!

Pesky chickens sound like so much fun.

We have scary crocodiles which we must run away from. Lately she has taken to stomping on them to protect me.

My daughter has had 2 on and off imaginary friends since she was about Claire's age, Sarah and Matthew. Sometimes they are her kids, sometimes friends, sometimes siblings. They are not always around but pop up now and again. She can sometimes be found listening to them and responding. I get a kick outnof it. My husband thinks it's weird. I like your take that it is a sign of intelligence!

I had an imaginary friend with a very unique name that my mom didn't write down, as she figured she'd never ever ever forget it. She did.

My son Kieran, who is now 5.5, had an imaginary friend for a little while just before he turned 3. His name was Isaac, and I had to make him lunch, drive him around and play Play-Doh with him. And then one day ~6 months later, I realized there was no more Isaac. He just disappeared. My daughter is almost 3 and there's no sign of imaginary friends with her, though.

Adorable. And the chicken game sounds delightfully giggle-worthy.

I had an imaginary friend! (Also, I love your mom. As you know.) Her name was Elizabeth and we used to WRITE EACH OTHER NOTES, which is a very sad way of saying I used to write notes TO MYSELF.

Living with toddlers is like living with the best comedian on the planet. All the one liners! It's just pure awesome.

I never had imaginary friends growing up, but I always assumed this was because my sisters and I were so close in age (we're born in 82, 83, and 85.) I had REAL PEOPLE there all the time, so why make up imaginary ones? And I sort of assume that Kalena won't have them either since she and Will are only 19 months apart. Most people I knew who had imaginary friends growing up were either only children or there was a big(ger) age gap between them and a sibling.

Having an imaginary friend is a sign of a gifted child...as you know there are many signs. Dina arrived soon after you were 2 years old. We were living in Camp Pendleton. There was an older child (5 years old) that lived 2 doors down the street whose name was Dina. I was pregnant with Rollin and we were preparing for our move to New Orleans. Dina made the move with us to New Orleans and stayed with us...you....a little over a year. You would tell me about Dina here and there, not everyday. Our last day with Dina the entire family,and apparently Dina too, had spent the day at the Audobon Zoo. We were driving home when you announced, "Dina wants to get out of the car". OK. Then a little louder, " Dina wants to get out of the car NOW!". We were at a stop light. So, I opened the door a bit and quickly closed it. I asked, "Did Dina get out?". "Yes". We never heard about Dina again. We have joked that we left her someplace on Canal Street.

My oldest has had two imaginary friends for about the last six to eight months. He's 3.5 years old. Their names are Jetty and Despereaux, the latter of which is funny because he told me he did NOT like that movie. They live in California with him and are his cousins. He has a whole life in California that is very real to him.

I had an imaginary friend named Joe when I was about his age. His friends' names are cooler.

Wow. Remind me never to piss YOU off while riding in a car ;)

Those photos just made me laugh! So awesome. I love overhearing H. when she is playing alone, and making things up. It really is the best.

My daughter (now 8) had an imaginary sister named Brenna when her brother was born. For almost 2 years Brenna did things with us (she especially liked to swing and she was very demanding about how she was pushed on the swing). Then one day, she was gone and I never asked why.

Brenna was the name we had picked out if her brother was a girl, BTW.

I love that she has a vivid imagination, I think kids are definitely lacking that these days! Imagination is a hard skill to teach, so it's great that it comes naturally.

I remember learning in a psych class that people having imaginary friends is a very small % of the population. Like 1%! Don't quote me on that number!


I am dying laughing.

Also, I'm going to start saying this at work and see how people respond.

You should get the book Pingo for Claire, so cute!

I had an imaginary friend -- in fact I think they were a family. My daughter right now brings "Fritz" along with her. She loves the Nutcracker and pretends to be Clara all the time. Fritz is her little brother and she has to buckle him into his carseat when we go places. She also tells me about things they do together -- but only when she's Clara. When she's herself Fritz isn't around. Imaginary friends are such fun :)


I had an imaginary friend named Bob. Loved that guy.

And Will has an imaginary friend named Skittle, who is part boy, part bird, and flies to the store for chocolate milk. Love that guy!

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