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August 28, 2011


Oooh, so cute. I love it. The name with the butterflies is so perfect.

Also, I have a question that I am now reminded of. When Claire said Charlotte in front of the grandparents, before you'd revealed her name, what name did they think it was? (And yes, that was a long time ago, I could not be remembering this story correctly at all.)

I love the butterflies with the name. Adorable.

I think I win here - hung art on Clara's walls about 2 weeks prior to her 1st birthday :)

Ummm....A is almost 10 months old and I just hung the first thing on her wall last week. And then, most ironically, it fell during the earthquake. So her walls are still empty.

I love the butterflies. It's so whimisical and it doesn't a scream NURSERY!!!!!!! I hate when rooms yell at me

So pretty! I don't think it needs more butterflies - I like it the way it is. Then again, I'd probably like it with more, too.

Paul has nothing on his walls. Neither does Margaret, who is two.

Uh, we didn't hang name letters until Hannah was one. Granted, we had just moved and were semi-redecorating at the time. I'm super impressed that you hung them so straight. My mom sent over her handyman for a housewarming present and I told him that if he does only one thing while he's here, it will be to hang those letters!

Looks really cute! I didn't do my daughter's nursery at all (2nd child)--we moved 3 weeks before she was born and between a 20 month old and a newborn...it just didn't happen. So, when it was time for a big girl bed, I went nuts trying to make up for the guilt of no nursery. She now has the most expensive furniture in the house. Of course, she's 12 now and her furniture is still perfect whereas her brother's? Not so much. :)

absolutely adorable! so delicate and whimsical.

Great minds think alike. We did the name with butterflies as well. I love the red!

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