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July 30, 2011


The last one? Of the feet! I just exploded.

Lovely. :)

Sooooo cute!

Margaret gives Paul her favorite dolls to comfort him when he's crying and it's so sweet I just about cry.

So precious!

That last pic makes me want to have another.

I totally have a picture like that second one, of Kalena laying with Will on his play mat. It was one of the very first times they "played" together and I thought-- Yes. This is why I want for my kids.

It just gets better.

I know exactly how you feel! Those first 6 months or so with two were the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm not even kidding. It was ROUGH. But once Audrey got old enough to 'play' a little bit, it made all the difference. Watching the two of them together is the most amazing thing ever. Audrey thinks Maggie hung the moon, and Maggie LOVES having a captive audience for her antics ;) I know soon they'll be fighting over toys and arguing, but I don't care. The fact that they have each other makes me so happy. Awesome.

They are so sweet!

The photo of the feet is too sweet for words. Love it.

That bottom photo. The feet. The FEET! You have killed me with the sweetness. One of my friends just said "one of the best sounds in the world is hearing your children make each other laugh."

Did you do that picture with the feet? Too cute! So great!

Beautiful - the words and the photos.

That feet picture. OMG. You should do photography. Yes, in your spare time, you should do photography! :)

awesome pics, you've got talent...

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