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July 21, 2011


i heart you. so much. freezing things i shouldn't actually be eating? oh yeah!

Costco makes fabulous cakes, and I'm so glad to hear they freeze well. I think I may have done that in the past, but my memory is failing me so it's nice to have confirmation. Our wedding cake thawed out very well, but that doesn't appear to be the case across the board.

Oh man, now I want to go to Costco and get some cake right this very minute.

People don't know about freezing cake? Perhaps they didn't grow up with a grandmother who had an entire freezer devoted to cake. Also, I LIKE my cake frozen. I tend to freeze the leftovers, though I am now sorely tempted to go buy a cake solely to stash in my freezer.

So did you slice up the cake and leave it all together in it's original container? I was assuming you individually foil-wrapped each slice, which would have been a lot of work.

Do you think it would work on cakes from a box mix? They're so much fluffier and might fall apart. I think dense cake would freeze best. (I have more free box mixes from couponing than I know what to do with.)

I should not know these things! It is dangerous! (to my waistline!)

I saw that cake last night. I may have flirted and batted my eyelashes a bit.

But I left it there.

Kind of regretting that now.

I have frozen cake in my freezer right now. I didn't realize that people didn't know you could do that. I mean, isn't that the whole thing with eating the top part of your wedding cake on your first anniversary?

However, now I want to go to Costco and get some cake.

You are my hero.

I'm weeping with the thought of driving 75 miles to get cake...

LOL! This post just cracks me up!

Especially because this week was Emma's big birthday bash and I was baking the cupcakes, but my girlfriend had graciously offered to decorate them for me. Problem was, she wanted them READY just when things were gonna be busy (house FILLED with people and three extra dogs - the dogs really being the key issue). And so she told me to make them when it was convenient and freeze them.

And I was like you and thought "BLEGH. Frozen cupcakes? BLEGH." But she is a cake expert (owning her own cake-baking business and all), so I deferred to her.

And you know what. . . not one, but several people came up to me during the party and said, "Ohmygosh, these cupcakes were so moist! so flavorful!" And, I did NOTHING different with the batter. It was ALL THE FREEZING.

So, apparently, not only is freezing cake good for YOU, it is GOOD FOR THE CAKE. See? Double goodness.

And have I ever mentioned that I live within walking distance of a Costco. It is literally a three minute drive from my house to that cake. TROUBLE.

I dont have a cosco in my hood. But i do LOVE ice cold chocolate cake. Having worked in a local retail chain many moons ago, i developed a taste for them while slinging desserts.

Reminds me of how I took several huge plates of leftover cake from Courtney's wedding and froze it. I then enjoyed it over the next year and it tasted just as good!

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