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June 13, 2011


I'm so glad to hear that Jake is hanging in there and that you're able to enjoy him being, well, as healthy as possible.

And I STILL like the curtains, although I understand fully that I don't LIVE with them. Plus... the other swatches are lovely. And matching curtains to a beloved and beautiful appliance just seems like good decorating sense.

When Ramona Quimby ripped a library book, her parents had to pay for it, so Ramona thought "Awesome! Now I can keep it!" and made plans to rip more library books. But THEY had to pay for it, so it was THEIR book, and they wouldn't read it to her. I wonder if Claire is old enough to understand that consequence? Ie, "If you rip a library book on purpose, it becomes mine and I won't share."

Iris has been known to wrestle a book with paper pages, so we only give her board books too. And for her wrestling needs, she gets her father's old Business Week magazines.

I like the curtains. :)

I'm glad Jake is doing good.

Just a quick comment re library books -- my daughter ripped one once. Probably just to see what would happen. I made her take it to the librarian and apologize for ripping the book and tell the librarian that she wouldn't do it again. And she hasn't. I'm sure it helps that the librarian is a friend of ours and my daughter idolizes her and pretends to be her, but sometimes just apologizing to someone other than your parents makes things sink in deeper.

Glad to hear Jake is feeling better!

I was thinking the same thing as Pippi, what if you make her go and apologize? Any way you can call the library first and give them a heads up so they can be "upset" that she did it?

OMG. The cookies look amazing. I would kill for a cookie right now.

Also, glad Jake has rallied. :)

OMG, that book! No way I'd make it through the whole thing. My eyes got all watery with just that paragraph. Glad that sweet pup is doing better. Hoping for many more good days!

The morons who owned our house previously planted tons of maple trees and black walnut trees. Pretty, yes, but I %$#@!ing hate those maple seeds that land all over the sidewalk and driveway during the spring.

And the squirrels adore the black walnuts so much they bury them everywhere and then--because they are mammals with a brain the size of a garbanzo bean--forget about them, so we have rogue black walnut trees everywhere. One is currently growing at a healthy rate in a FLOWER BED. I pointed it out to my husband and he said, "Huh. Yeah, I should do something about that, I guess." *headdesk*

I'm dying for snickerdoodles now!

(1) We had a Bad Tree Planter as the prior owner of our house also. Tree is now gone, as are the hideous boxwoods, holly, unidentifiably climbing thing, and I can't even remember what else that was crammed into our postage-stamp yard. (2) I am in awe of your curtain making energy. I'd get the one set done and then leave it there for 10 years even if I didn't like it because it would too damn hard to make more. (3) Just that paragraph from the book made me cry! Oh dear. (4) Now I want a cookie.

I love the green fabric. However, if you feel like it's too much and you are going to take it down and do something else... I am more than glad to buy that fabric from you. Really.

Also. It's been YEARS since I've owned a dog, and all I could do was cry my way through that paragraph.

I like the green curtains, but I also like the aqua fabrics, especially the first two. I think you can't go wrong. (I wish I knew how to make curtains.)

Glad Jake is hanging in there. My BIL and SIL's dog was on them for a while. We thought she'd die back at Thanksgiving, but she went on steroids and then made it until FEBRUARY. They worked great, until all of a sudden they didn't, and they didn't even have to make a decision about putting her down because she declined so very quickly and died peacefully at home. I mean, nothing is ideal in this situation, but it seems like some more good time plus not having to make the euthanasia decision is a pretty good outcome. Hang in there.

Those cookies look perfectly puffy! I am wondering just how you do that...

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