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June 19, 2011


Wow, you are light years ahead of me decor-wise, just for planning a project like this. I've got nothing. Do you want to decorate a wall in my house? It's OK if it takes a year.

P.S. Chris definitely needed to get you something else in addition to the stapler. A stapler is not a whole birthday present.

Hey, we're doing the exact same thing right now with the wall above our staircase! I've been collecting things for ages and I've all but bought IKEA out of white frames. I'm almost ready to start hanging them all (have you seen the great tutorial on Young House Love for doing this kind of thing?) but I think I need a couple of other things too.

In case it helps you with inspiration, some of the things we're framing and hanging include: our wedding invitation, the page from our wedding program that has our vows, an old black and white strip of photobooth photos from when I was five, one of the first pictures Sean and I ever took together at some weird machine in K-Mart (!!!), the page for September 5 from my 2009 planner where I'd written my last-minute to-do list for our wedding, the sheet music that my brother and dad played from for our first dance (boy, this is a lot of wedding stuff now that I'm writing it out!), a bunch of old maps from ebay, and some old photos of my parents holding me when I was a baby, some little silhouettes that I got at a flea market, and my favorite poem that I'm writing out on black paper with a white pen.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff. And now I have to frame and hang it all.

(PS: paint the S coral! I love it!)

You could always get a roll of butcher paper and draw out the different ideas and then tape them up on the wall till you get it right. This is also a great help when making naik holes - draw on the paper where the nails go, then hang the paper on the wall and nail the nails through the paper, so you aren't writing.on your wall and you can get the spacing right without making a bunch of holes. :) Good luck!

OH! Also: I bought some inexpensive shelves to hang up that act as separation for different sets of photos/paintings on a REALLY long wall in our LR. Seems to break it up a bit.

I should send you a photo of my living room wall. It is crazy but I love it. It is all different frames and above the fireplace is a huge painting a friend did that I love.

I love the idea of mixed medias. I say do canvas wrap and frames and art...

Wow - you already have all the elements. Just go with the flow. Have a glass of wine and put that stuff UP! It will look great.

The tutu photo is an absolute MUST! So cute!

I heard this tip once and have to pass it on to you. Place all the items on the floor in front of the wall and figure out the arrangement before you hang anything up. This stuck with me because I KNOW I'd get a few things on the wall, hate it and have to start over. Who wants to patch a bunch of holes? Good luck with the rest of the arrangement. I think the pieces you've picked so far are fantastic!

I like frames myself and I love those family pictures you've picked out. I bet this wall ends up looking really fantastic when you are done.

I am just blown away by this! So creative! So lovely! I love all the ideas!

Love the photos of the girls - they are so beautiful!

Those pictures of the girls are soooooo cheap! My friend told me that you can get canvas prints very cheaply at Costco. Who knew?

I say when your S arrives, hammer it in the center of the wall, and then just start building from there. Then you can keep adding to it.

I'm so type A, that everything is balanced in my casa. I have a huge wall like that, and it took me FOREVER to find something. I found a huge painting at Kirklands for $75. And it stood all by its lonesome, until I found 2 huge sconces at Hobby Lobby 50% off. Then I found a lengthwise photo collage to put on one end of the wall, then I have a huge palm in the other corner.

Check out my project that I just finished today! It totally relates to this :)

I also recently got a canvas wrap of Sprog done and I am incorporating two framed pieces right next to it for a smaller vignette in my bedroom.

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