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April 10, 2011


Question: Are you keeping Claire at home with you once new baby arrives as well? If you are, I am *very* interested to see how that all works out. Just because she's used to school, and then there's a new baby, and.... yah. Just morbidly curious for my own future decisions I guess :)

I remember when my big shirts suddenly didn't fit anymore and the stretchy belly part of the pants would hang out the bottom. Fun! :)

When I was in those last weeks (actually months, but they could have ended up being weeks) of pregnancy with Elizabeth, I walked around holding my shirt down and cursing the makers of maternity shirts.

Also, go to the pool. If anyone complains, you can always sit on them. ;)

The shorts you just bought?? That sucks. I hope it doesn't happen to me - I just bought two pairs this past weekend and the last month of my pregnancy will be summer...

I'm worried Margaret is going to give away the name of our baby. We always refer to him as "little brother," but we did teach her to say the name (she doesn't know its her little brother's name, though). I suppose if she starts saying it a lot we can look mystified and say maybe she picked it up from TV.

I think the pool is a great idea. And unless school is out there, or it is the weekend, it will probably just be old people and moms there - and I would hope they would much more kind about body shapes/sizes...

Also, the park. I sit on the bench and Katherine runs amuck.

Sounds like some nice one-on-one time with Claire before the baby comes.

And I am constantly amazed by what people say to pregnant women. Just shut up, people.

Maybe all the activity with Claire will help baby sister make her appearance??

And all I can say for when you're home with her...art projects! does she like those foamy stickers with the adhesive on the back? They sell them at dollar tree 300 to a pack. Sophie LOVES them (all she does is put them on construction paper) and it takes her forever to pull the paper off the back and do them. Set Claire up with it and you can put your feet up and rest. Or when the baby comes, it's perfect project for when you're nursing, changing the baby, or whatever else you've got to do

Good luck!!

Having a child all day can be draining. Really. I know you are surprised.

We spend a lot of time outside right now. I post my big pregnant self up in a lounge chair on the driveway while she runs around with sidewalk chalk, her wagon, toys, bubbles, etc, and this is a great source of energy drainage for her and being lazy and not doing too terribly much for me. In the mornings, we watch cartoons. I'm mother of the year, I realize, but it just it what it is. I get up and walk/jog by myself for about 45 minutes before she wakes up and then I am just too drained to do much else after that. She eats breakfast and we watch about an hour of TV with puzzles thrown in for good measure. We then have a routine of making beds, various chores, brushing teeth, etc. She loves helping me clean, surprisingly. I make sure we do something house-cleaning related every day in the morning routine. I also try to plan events away from home OFTEN. You'll be thankful for all those lunch date plans, they are the best.

Really, you'll just get used to it and get a rhythym out of it all soon enough. Just like anything else, some days are better than others. I feel for you. Big time. I'll be there in July, am dreading.

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