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March 21, 2011


Oh shit, A'Dell, I'm sorry. I'm crossing my fingers it really IS nothing and once it's off, he's a-okay for a while.

But your blog title says it all. Sucks. SUCKS.

I have the same internal monologue about Henry, who is 12 (but tumor-free). He's getting older, but he's MY old dog. :(

Oh, this does suck. And it is understandable that you didn't notice it under all that fur. We had two dogs of the same breed (chesapeake bay retrievers - shortish fur) - one 12 years old and one 2.5 years old that we had adopted a few months prior. the younger one came down with blood red eyeballs out of nowhere. We took him to the pet emergency and they jumped all over us "Don't you see how BULGING AND SWOLLEN ALL OF HIS LYMPH NODES ARE!!!" and, damn it all, they were right! We just thought he was built that way - different from our older dog! So, sometimes we miss very obvious signs. He had very advanced lymphoma and we decided to not pursue chemo and BONE MARROW TRANSFUSIONS (OMG). He had the best possible two final months with his new family. Being a grown-up / pet owner is really crappy sometimes.

Oh i'm so sorry. I hope with the tumor gone he's pain free and ok. Being a pet owner is so hard. Hugs to you all

There is nothing worse than having to make a decision about a dog that seems perfectly healthy... except for one cancerous mass. In our case, a dog that was perfectly healthy... except for a ruptured disc in his back. It's so hard. I'm sorry, A'Dell. I'll be thinking of you guys. I know how this feels, and it feels awful.

I'm so sorry. This is a crappy time to be dealing with it, too. I hope Jake is ok.

That really sucks.

One of my dogs is covered in tumors. They are just fatty tumors and she is overweight and old so we don't have them removed. One on her side is now the size of a cantaloupe but it doesn't bother her. She still walks fine and even lays on that side still. The vet isn't worried and we don't have cash money laying around for erroneous surgeries that may be more dangerous to put her under for...sorry for the long comment. LOL

I was just hoping you were going to say it was a fatty tumor. Hope he has many happy years in front of him.

Sorry :(

I'm sorry. I really hope it's not cancer. Sometimes being an adult does suck.

He is such a gorgeous fellow. I am so, so sorry that you are all going through this. Your title is spot on - being a grown up can really suck rocks at times.

Please keep us posted!

Jake is a VERY handsome dog, which I know doesn't really mean much right now. But he is. I hope he comes through it okay.

It does suck. It's times like these I really wish there were someone else to defer these sorts of decisions/emotions to.

Poor Jake! Poor you guys! But you're right on - quality of life is the most important thing for him. I worked alongside a former vet-tech for 4 years, and she had all kinds of animals of her own as well, in many different states of health. Beware of money hungry vets too - sometimes they'll just keep recommending treatments and procedures, because they think that's what the owners want AND it pads their pockets - even when it's not in the best interest of the pet.

Oh man. I'm so sorry, A'Dell.

I hope he's ok! We have had numerous large surgeries with our dog, and boy does it get expensive fast! But then I could never NOT do anything...

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