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February 03, 2011


Heh. I am thankful that I will never, ever, ever have to worry about this. Unless of course we move out of So Cal. Which we won't. Though, we do have 'smog days' and 'extreme heat days' and if you have asthma or the like, you have to stay inside then. But, I love the food coloring experiments - will have to find an excuse to do that one day anyway :)

Fact check for future generations:  tree was in the backyard;  it was a missing shoe, still a mystery how that happened, he was wearing snow boots, did someone throw it outside?  When you were in first grade I was able to ski maybe two or three times a month.  You left for school and I packed Rol in the car and we headed to the ski area. While i skied Rol was in child care at the ski area. I was able to do this because Kendra's mom was home and able to watch you in case I was late off the slopes.  That was a great year. 

That pink snow suit is AWESOME! You totally rocked it.

Those sound like some great memories!

Does food coloring stain if you get the water spilled all over your clothes? Curious because we wouldn't be able to play with water without getting it everywhere...

The picture on the fridge is a nice rainbow. The picture Rol drew of the dragon cooking A'Dell is another picture.  We did not have a snow blower only one snow shovel and most of the time Daddy shoveled the driveway early in the morning. This was probably the second shoveling of the day. We had a "natural" ice skating rink.  This pic is in our backyard and all of you are wearing ice skates courtesy of Kendra's family...they are native NYers and had a variety of sizes to choose from. We never bought ice skates.  Some of the skates were double blades. It was a fun 3 years.

Your rainbows are pretty! I think we might have to do that today. We've been stuck in the house for DAYS, but just with rain and Elizabeth having some kind of weird stomach funk that isn't making her actively sick, but I don't want to infect anyone else in case it is germy.

Oh your rainbow is so pretty! I want to DECORATE with that! I love it. Also, after looking at your blue snowsuit picture, I think we may have been late 80s early 90s long lost twins.

You could always out that water in spray bottles and take Claire out to spray rainbows on the snow and ice.

I LOVED this post; I laughed hysterically all the way through it. Thank you. Your mother's commentary (i.e. corrections) also made me giggle.

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