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February 21, 2011


I have tried just about everything under the cloth diapering sun in the past 3.5 years, and so far my favorite (and what we use now) are the Bum Genius Flips. They are advertized as "one-size" but I think they could be better described as "the only diaper you'll need after the baby is a few months old and kinda chunky."

Oh wait! I did a little post on them last year. http://tbams.blogspot.com/2010/06/its-been-long-time-since-i-posted-about.html

We have definitely taken breaks from CDs. Like when we moved last month. Or on trips. And I've used them at night for a while. So you're right-- definitely not All Or Nothing.

I am NOT a Laundry Queen. Yet somehow the diapers get done. M is close to potty-trained so I don't do it much now, but I'd say 2-3 times a week. Old School Top Loader. Cold Rinse. Hot "super" Wash, extra rinse.

Also, I don't know if you plan on breastfeeding or not (and if you're babe will be a super pooper or not), but the cloth diaper covers keep that explosive mustard poo CONTAINED, and you don't get that awful blow-up-the-back awfulness like with disposables.

For the tiny newborn stage, you could use some x-small Thirsties covers and prefolds when she's tiny and then sell them on Craigslist for at least half of what you pay for new. Or just put the covers over disposables to keep poopsplosions off her clothes. http://nickisdiapers.com/catalog.php?category=216

(Holy Long Comment!)

I know you got my 'bible' on cloth diapering, but to be more specific to your concerns -

Yes, you will need to be more careful with the washing of the diapers, but it's usually nothing you can't fix with a good stripping. You could also minimize errors by using the 'cloth diaper soap' on all your clothes. It's not just 1 extra load - it's a load of cold w/soap followed immediately by a load of hot with two rinses. Then you can dry the inserts, but you have to hang dry the covers.

How often you wash depends on how many diapers you have. I wash everyday that Clara uses hers all day (like weekends), mostly because I don't have enough to go a full two days, though it's getting closer at this point since she's older/using fewer. She's in disposables at school, that's why I didn't make the full commitment because during the week she has plenty - and it's the nighttime diapers that drive the laundry because I only have 3 of those.

I have tried BG, Katydid, Best Bottom, Smartipants, FB, GroVia, and Flips. The standard BGs are my favorite, by far. Even split of snaps and velcro, they both have their benefits.

I have one large wet bag that sits crumpled on the floor of the room, shoved in the corner. That's it. I have two smaller wet bags for 'to-go' use.

I have my ancient toploader washing machine, and use Country Save, but Rockin' Green is also awesome. I just got a sample of that.

Kelly's Closet has the best deals online that I've found. Of course you can go eBay or Amazon too.

You can always buy, say 6, then if you hate it, sell them online. People will buy used ones - that's what I've done with some of the ones I haven't liked.

And, you're absolutely right - you will touch poop on occasion. Especially when it's the nasty pasty poops. I adore the Kushies disposable liners for predictable poops that are messy (ie antibiotic ones) and Bummis fleece liners for regular poops. It makes it so easy to flip off into the toilet, and the flushable ones are obvious to the benefits. Oh, and when they're not on solids - if they're just BF poops, straight to the wash! Awesomeness.

Thanks for this post - I've made the verbal commitment to go cloth (like you, not an all or nothing-er). I'm looking forward to your responses. One thing I did decide: I'm not going to use the cloth wipes and the reusable liners. There are great (and inexpensive) biodegradable wipes and liners that you can just flush away with the poop. I just can't bring myself to wash the diapers AND the wipes. Baby steps (no pun intended)...

I'm thinking cloth diapering has changed a great deal since I used them with my first, living in a country where using disposables wasn't an option. Two bucket system, homemade sanitizing solution, dried outside on the clothesline every couple of days ...

We have 24 BumGenius 3.0 one-sizes. When we were diapering a 2.5-year-old and a 3-month-old, 24 diapers was barely enough; after Camilla potty trained it became way more than enough. Now that Blaise is 2, we use maybe 16 of the diapers before it's time to wash them (which you're supposed to do at least every third day), so I feel like two dozen is more than sufficient. Even with a younger baby who went through more diapers, two dozen would be plenty for one kid, I'm thinking.

We have only the BGs because I'm lazy and didn't want to try and/or deal with a bunch of different kinds, even though many cd-ers seem to love that. We switched pretty much exclusively because of the leak factor, when Blaise was 2 months old and his diapers were blowing so that we had to give him a full bath every time he pooped. Annoying! I polled Twitter and the consensus was that BGs were the best; I went to our local diaper store and the (apparently highly knowledgeable) salesperson recommended the same, so I bought them and took them home and never looked back. We've been hooked ever since.

The one thing that I didn't like about the BG 3.0s was that, after a while, the velcro got kind of tired and all the diapers started sticking together in the wash. Plus Blaise started removing the diapers himself, which is obviously also possible with disposables, but it was annoying. So we converted the diapers to snaps, which have their own annoyances (mainly that the kid has to hold still for longer so you can do up the diaper) but which I like better, overall. If you do decide to do the BGs, I think I'd recommend the snaps. The 4.0s come either way, which is awesome.

I will say this about diapers and laundry: I am also very bad at laundry (often having to rewash loads that have sat in the washer too long, for instance) but diaper laundry has never been a problem. In fact, I think in some ways it's good for me - it's a fairly easy load of laundry, and when it has to be done it just has to be done, so it gets me into the laundry room and once I'm there, it motivates me to maybe get some other loads done as well. I thought washing the diapers would be a big downside of cloth, but honestly, it has been no big deal.

For our cloth diaper stash, including all accoutrements, we did spent about $600, not $300. It adds up fast at $20/diaper plus pail liners, wet bags, and a diaper sprayer (which you definitely want) and extra hemp liners if you're going to CD at night. But still so much cheaper, in the long run, than disposables!

I think a top-loading machine is a big plus. We've never had any trouble getting our diapers clean in our top-loader, whereas Lauren (hi Lauren!) moved to a house with a front-loader and had to give up the cloth entirely. I do seem to remember that Maureen, who I'm sure will show up for this conversation eventually (hi Maureen!) does cloth with a front loader, so maybe she can weigh in on that. But you have a top-loader, so no problem!

To me it seems like doing cloth dipes with a baby in daycare might be more of a hassle than doing them at home. My least favorite part of using cloth is dealing with them when we're out and about, and we always buy disposables for trips, etc. (Dealing with messy toddler poop without a diaper sprayer is just completely disgusting. They say you shouldn't need it, because harder poops just roll off the diapers, but - TMI alert - Blaise has constipation issues and is on Miralax and man we are getting our money's worth out of that sprayer.) But, like you said, it's not an all-or-nothing proposition. For us, cloth gave the biggest value in the early months, when every poop was explosive. We saved SO MUCH time and money in extra laundry and non-ruined outfits. Now we just figure we have them, so we might as well use them as much as possible, and it's not a big deal.

But the nice thing about it is that you don't have to commit just so you can save $1700. As long as you use them enough to pay off whatever you spent on them, then you've at least broken even and - bonus! - have a nice stash of cloth diapers that you can use, or not, whenever you want. Cloth diapers are cuter, so you can use them in pictures, and you can save them in case you have another baby, and etc. You don't have much to lose!

Ha! I hope this isn't the longest comment you get, but I bet it will be. Sheesh. Good luck deciding!

Oh, I LOVE our BumGenius 3.0 diapers. And now they make the 4.0s and you can get snaps instead of velcro, which was the main reason some people didn't like the 3.0s (I still like them, but I acknowledge that I may have to replace the velcro at some point).
Here's where I wrote about us using them: http://www.totallyserial.com/blog/2010/11/cloth-diapers-not-the-pins-and-plastic-you-are-thinking-of/
To answer your questions: We do laundry every other day. We can sometimes stretch it to 3 days if needed, but the diaper pail gets stinky, so we try not to do that. The laundry goes like this: gather big wet bag and any small wet bags (from daycare (I will address that later)). Bring it all down to the washer. Dump the whole works in (we separate the diaper liners and the inserts when we are putting them in the pail). Run one cold cycle with 1/4 the amount of free & clear detergent that we use for everything. Run another cycle on hot with 1/4 the amount of the same detergent. Hang the outsides to dry (we just have a small drying rack set up along the wall in his room), and throw the inserts all in the dryer. By the time the inserts are done the outsides are usually dry.
Re: poop touching. It can be gross if the poop is super-sticky. But in the first months, if you are breastfeeding you don't need to even wash them out. Breastmilk is water soluble, so you just throw the whole works in the washer. They also make diaper sprayers that are supposed to make poop disposal easier. We have one but haven't set it up yet, so I would say it's not as gross as you might think (James's poop is mostly solid enough to just dump out).
For supplies, we have 24 diapers 2 large wet bags and 3 small wet bags. That works perfectly for us; 24 diapers is about 2 1/2 days worth, one large bag can be in the wash and we still have one for the (one) bin, and the 3 small bags are perfect for daycare or running errands.
I bought our diapers from Cotton Babies, when they were having a buy 5 get 1 free sale, plus you get a discount when you sign up for their newsletter.
Things I love about our diapers: they are "one-size," so he's been able to wear them since he was about a month old (we didn't use cloth before that). He's now 1, and they will fit for quite a while yet. Theoretically, until he's potty trained. Also, because they are pocket diapers you can adjust the level of absorption; a new baby doesn't need as much as a 1 year old.
Here is the diaper pail we bought: http://www.amazon.com/Safety-1st-Easy-Saver-Diaper/dp/B0009A4FBQ/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1298349597&sr=8-10 It lives in the bathroom, which is handy. Here are the big liners we bought: http://www.amazon.com/Whammies-Diaper-Pail-Liner-Laundry/dp/B001MFV9S4/ref=sr_1_22?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1298349662&sr=1-22 (we found other colors, but this is the first one I saw). The small bags I couldn't find. But the ones we have can fit about 7 diapers or so.

gotta go; baby woke up, and it's my bedtime. Good luck!

And here I am! Hi, Arwen! We have a front-loader, and do not have the problems Lauren has. I don't know why. But as far as laundry goes, diaper laundry is the EASIEST laundry. No sorting! And they all get put away in one spot! Easy peasy.

We have 24ish BumGeniuses. They're mostly 3.0s, I think. We started back when the BGs were 1.0, so back in MY day, you weren't supposed to wash them on hot and they'd fall apart if you dried them. Which they did. Our 1.0s are long gone, because we abused them, but the 2.0s and 3.0s are still great. Some snaps have torn out on the sizer thingies. And Arwen's right, the Velcro gets tired and curly and Nora can take them off. I was going to have them sent out to be converted to snaps, but then Nora started fighting me a lot on diaper changes, so I don't want to anymore. I think I'd rather deal with the Velcro annoyances than try to snap a diaper on a running toddler.

Finally, I'd like to add that for me, poop in disposable diapers is way grosser, because it gets thrown in the trash. Poop is not supposed to go in the regular trash! I get squicked by it any time I think of it, now that I've been using cloth for 4 years. So here's another bonus: With cloth, the poop goes in the toilet, like it's supposed to.

Diaper pails and whatnot are no big deal. You can just use a trash can with a liner. I wrote a manifesto a few years ago. Here, start with Part II, because part I doesn't tell you anything.


My son is 10 months old and we've used cloth diapers since day 2. I think we've only bought one package of disposables so far, and had so many blowouts I swore to never use them again:) here are some good diaper posts: http://dearbabyblog.com/post/3200884783

My best advice would be to try a few things because every baby is different and everyone has different preferences. We've used everything and almost every brand. My favorites for the newborn stage are prefolds (we used the Green Mountain Diapers brand and they were AWESOME). They need to be changed so frequently and the prefolds are super cheap (like $20ish/dozen). After that we mostly use a combo of fitteds and pocket diapers. I have a few Bumgenius Elemental's too which are really nice.

If you are breastfeeding (maybe it works with formula feeding too?) you can just throw the soiled diaper in the wash. It all comes out, I promise. Once the baby starts eating solids it gets a little grosser and you probably want a diaper sprayer.

We have a front loading HE washer. I do a short cycle on cold with no detergent, then a hot wash with detergent and maybe a scoop of oxyclean, then an extra rinse. I hang up the covers to dry over the sink in our laundry room and throw everything else in the dryer or if I am feeling ambitious, I'll hang the diapers to dry on the line outside. I've tried lots of brands of detergent and my favorite right now is ECOS from Walmart. Its cheap, all natural, and not bad for the diapers. We use it for all the laundry and it smells really nice.

I've heard that older top loading washers are much better for washing diapers because they use more water.

You only need one diaper pail and maybe 2 liners. We were using a white trashcan for a pail but I wanted something cuter so I got a wicker laundry hamper.

Its really really not bad. My husband even washes the diapers. Our babysitter has never complained about the cloth dipes (I have Bumgenius w/ velcro for her)and a few friends have convented after seeing how cute they are!

Also we ended up switching to cloth wipes. It was annoying having to seperate the disposable wipes out and throw them away. Its nice to be able to toss everything into the dirty diaper then throw it in the hamper.

I LOVE the cloth wipes. They work so much better than the disposables. Plus I don't have to remember to buy them. I'm sort of scatterbrained... if I had to buy diapers and wipes all the time I think there would be issues:)

This was the most overwhelming thing before I had the kid and the easiest thing afterwards. We have about two dozen BG, various versions, slowly built up after kid #2. I used to have a fancypants washer/dryer and now I have an ancient one, and I use the same process - rinse, then hot wash, then the dryer. I've never had issues with absorbency or smell (although now, nearly 4 yrs later, the velcro is not so great and there are a few stains). We don't use them overnight (it just seemed too bulky) and we don't use them when we go out (too bulky to pack). And I just use a regular trash pail with a wet liner.

When I had 1 kid I was pretty good about washing every 2/3 days. With 2 kids, not so much. So yes, sometimes the diaper pail was pretty rank and sometimes I'd rinse the diapers and then completely forget to wash them. But we always had disposables too, so it wasn't the end of the world. I did put them away for a while when we moved (didn't want a diaper pail visible during open houses!) and it was a little hard to get back into it. But I forced us to use them again since I was hating buying diapers every week. With the old velcro and just more laundry in general it IS more of a pain.

Ummm... yeah. I'm not super militant/evangelistic about it, but I'm glad we used them and it's true about the blow outs - cloth was WAY BETTER in that respect!

If you haven't seen the wealth of info that Amalah/Amy Storch has on cloth diapers on alphamom.com, you should check it out. Diaper brands, detergents, poop galore!

I've never used cloth. By choice, because I know how delicate my gag reflex is. Here's just some thoughts I had.

When the girls, who are generally potty trained now, have a poopy accident in their panties- I usually throw the panties away. It's just not worth it to me to scrub poop out and then let it sit in the laundry hamper, smelling the place up. If I do try and keep a poopy mess for the laundry, I usually have to toss it straight into a load because of the smell.

I've diapered two at a time. There was even a window where I diapered three at a time. Doing the math on paper is frightening. I stopped doing so after the twins. I'm sure it's an expense, but I don't really feel the crunch. No matter what's on my list at Target- diapers or not, I end up spending over $100. It is like Murphy's law or something.

Those are just my opinions. I've heard people swear by disposables. I'm all about being green. But I just couldn't do cloth. I recycle a little extra to make up for the diapers of mine clogging up the landfills.

I'm very much enjoying these comments because I am one of the "considered cloth but then didn't do it" people. I didn't with Kalena because I was working and while my husband was on board with cloth, he doesn't do laundry. In retrospect I probably could have made it work, but instead I decided I'd do cloth when I was a stay at home mom.

Then baby number two came along and I WAS staying at home. Unfortunately at that point "home" was my parents house, so I was already dealing with laundry scheduling issues because my parents had their laundry, my grandma (who lives with them) had her laundry, and I was trying to work in laundry for a family of 4 on top of that. So we didn't try then either. I still want to though! Next time, right?

I love cloth diapers. It sounds like a strange thing to love, but there you go. Elizabeth has blow outs all the time when she wears disposables, but she's never once had one in cloth. Not once. (I'm not saying there isn't an occasional leak or anything, but nothing where you have to wash the baby.) Also, when she happens to be in a "paper diapee" (her words, not mine) and she poops, she cries and waddles towards me. If she's in cloth, she doesn't like to let me change her, so cloth has got to be more comfortable for her.

I've written a bunch of posts on my blog about cloth diapers, I even have a tab.

And now I shall address your questions:
1) We bought BumGenius 3.0s exclusively. I have a few free ones, including a Fuzzibunz. I am a loyal BG user, but I can't imagine anyone being unsatisfied with Fuzzibunz either. The off brand ones suck. Don't buy anything else. (And yes, I know there are other good brands that lots of people swear by, but pretty much anyone who uses BG or FB is happy.)

2. I do regular laundry once a week or less often, when it starts to overflow the laundry baskets. I wash diapers three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And three loads of diapers are WAAAY less work than the rest of the laundry. Diaper laundry is easy, there's no sorting, hanging things up, etc. It's basically just dump and go.

3. I have a HE washer, but it is a top loader. (I'm rare like that.) It works just fine. I do use the extra water cycle when I rinse my diapers though. I use Rockin' Green soap and I am happier with it than any of the other soaps I've tried. I do a pre-rinse in cold, a wash in hot, and a cold rinse at the end (which my washer has a setting for).

4. I put pee diapers in an open garbage can in Elizabeth's room. They do not stink. (I mean, don't bury your nose in the bucket or anything, but really, they don't smell.) Now that we started solids, I keep poop diapers in a bucket with a lid in our bathroom, which is next to our diaper sprayer. I spray them before dumping them in there. They also do not stink and I never even bother to fasten the lid on tight.

5. Wherever you want. Look for good sales. I bought all mine either directly from Cotton Babies (who makes BG) or from Kelly's Closet, which almost always has a Get One Free coupon these days. You can also buy used, one of my friends did that and she's very happy with the BG ones. (She also bought some $5 SAHM made ones and hates those. Spend the money on the name brands.)

6. Yes, I think I can think of one or two people that have quit, but not specifically. There was a reporter recently that did a news story on diapers, comparing cloth and disposable and it was basically "cloth, ew." So many people commented, telling her that she was wrong that she said "OKAY ALREADY, I'll try cloth for a month." So she did and it turned out she loved it and she's a total convert. I've also converted a few people and they all like it too.

And if my long, long comment didn't answer everything, you can email me and I will tell you everything I know. But seriously, for a lot of people, cloth diapers become like a hobby.

You've got lots and lots of advice here, and I don't have a ton to add... so I'll summarize!
1. BumGenius all-in-ones have been amazing
2. I prefer snaps because my kid can take off the velcro ones
3. I have a front loader washer and I use the Charlie's Soap... works just fine.
4. I second Arwen on that you DEFINITELY will want a sprayer that attaches to your toilet. 5. Cloth is really not scary or hard! It becomes second nature and even the laundry isn't that a big deal.
6. You may want to check on if your daycare even accepts cloth; ours didn't so I never used cloth on Georgia, but I'm now home with Adele so we switched.

Late to the party (sick kids. Poor babies.) but I did want to chime in.

I didn't cloth diaper with Teddy (who's the same age as Arwen's Blaise; they're one day apart). I intended to, but we had so many issues with breastfeeding, leading to my having to express milk (by hand!) until he was 14 months and I was pregnant with Veronica. They time required to do THAT was enormous. My Dad summed it up well: "Do you want to feed him breast milk or cloth diaper? Choose." No real decision there, especially since I was daunted with all the choices! But boy - did we ever have diaper poopy blow outs!

But I am frugal and with kids only 19 months apart, I was HORRIFIED with what I'd have to spend on diapers! I was lucky too - my friend Isha (who's son is exactly in between my two) got REALLY into cloth diapering so could answer all my questions/lend me diapers to try. It was wicked!

So - we started when Veronica was about 5 days old. I wrote a post on cloth diapering a tiny, frequently pooping baby: http://bit.ly/ha8bjK . Truly, we could have switched her to pockets earlier (she was almost 9 lbs at birth), but I was building up my one-size stash and needed them for Teddy.

So - I've tried TONNES of diapers on both kids. I like the one-size ones, as I can use them for Teddy and for Veronica. I should note that I use fitted diapers (bamboo ones) at night with a cover for Veronica. With Teddy, the ammonia was too much so he wears disposables at night. For info for you, I am going to describe pockets/all-in-ones, and they're my faves.

I've used include BumGenuis, FuzziBunz, AMP (Annie Marie Padorie), Thirsties, Happy Heineys, Go Green Baby, Apple Cheeks, EasyFit, Grovia (and some I'm sure I'm forgetting.) I have bought new (only ever on sale -- often for a big discount), borrowed and bought used. I've sold used diapers, too, on 'usedottawa' and 'kijiji'. Super easy and since I priced them well, they sold within one day.

My favourites - for BOTH kids - are BumGenius and AMP. I have BG 3.0 (only velcro) and 4.0 (both snaps and velcro). I have AMP one-sized pockets with snaps, and AMP sized All-in-ones, which are my faves. They're SO trim, are absorbent, and dry quickly. I also like Fuzzibunz, but find the OS fit best of babies when they're small. The Medium ones fit both my kids (and have fit V since about 4 months, when she weighed over 16 lbs).

We wash in a toploader. Cold rinse, hot/cold wash cycle. We use a diaper sprayer for Teddy's poops. I use cloth diaper detergent (Nellie's or Rockin' Green). We wash every 3 days and hang to dry. We also use cloth wipes and wash them right along with the diapers. In fact - I did that with Teddy, too, so we already had the baby wash cloths ready to go! I don't have a pail. I use a 'pail liner' which you can either hang on the doorknob or hide behind the door; I do the latter. By day three, the pail doesn't smell great, but it's no big deal. Dave is totally behind this, too. The grandparents all thought we were nuts but are amazed at how they work.

We do use disposables, though. On Teddy at night, or when we travel. It's just easier. But we've had far fewer diaper rashes and NO poopy blowouts for Veronica. Score!

If I were only going to try one type, I'd go with BG 4.0s, a blend of snaps and velcro. The microsuede interior really repels stains. That said - I was ASTONISHED at how well the yellow breast milk poop stains come out when you put the diapers in the sun. They VANISH. I love the AMPs but they're a Canadian brand and while lovely, they are hard to find in the US.

I think my comment may be longer than Arwen's!

I can't give you much info here that you haven't gotten from previous comments, but I do want to say that making the decision to cloth diaper and picking out all of the things? Is seriously the hardest part of cloth diapering. I started when Violet was around 20 months old, and I figured it would be a huge hassle starting that far into the game, having been spoiled by the paper, but it really wasn't. And if you buy them and don't like them for whatever reason, just sell them! You will make back most of your money. People pay crazy prices for used diapers. I don't get it, but they do!

I wanted to come back and say that every daycare I've talked to has been open to at least trying to use our cloth diapers (the BumGenius 3.0s). For daycare, they are basically the same as disposable, except they put them in a small wet bag each day instead of in the garbage. You deal with pulling them apart or whatever once you are home. So don't let that deter you. I even brought examples of our diapers with me when I went to talk to daycares, but most of them didn't even need to see examples. This could, of course, be indicative of the type of town I live in (a little bit on the hippy side). I prefer to think people's attitudes toward cloth diapers are changing in general. :)

This might sound dumb, but have you considered a diaper service? Before our daughter was born, we got a quote and it was way less than disposables. Do y'all have that option where you are?

Um, wow. Lots of advice here!

Here's my my little post cloth diapers.

I've been doing it since my son was a week-ish old and he's almost 6 months now. :) It's great.

I use FuzziBunz and got this for Christmas and LOOOOOVE it. I'm a big prefold fan now, but my husband prefers the pocket or snap-in diapers.

I also recommend AlphaMom/Amalah for cloth diapering info!

I considered cloth diapers before having Margaret, but I didn’t really know anyone who used them (I – gasp! – wasn’t reading blogs at the time). I didn’t know anything about where to buy them or how to wash them, so I really only looked at the local diaper service. They charge $16.15/week (for prefolds with covers), which they claim is cheaper than disposables, but NO. It’s slightly cheaper than Newborn Swaddlers (which is what they use to compare), but we used Luvs before I got into couponing and they didn’t cost $16/week.

Now I’m a crazy couponer and pay next to nothing for disposable diapers, so price is STILL the reason I don’t want to do cloth. Your post inspired me to write one of my own about my thoughts on cloth (although I guess it turned out to be more about how cheap I get disposables…)


P.S. The diaper service also offers a BumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper service where you pay EIGHTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS and they give you 100 diapers (to keep forever) and wash them free for the first six months (after that you pay a “discounted rate” that isn’t disclosed OR quit and wash them yourself). Is that not the most insane thing you’ve ever heard? I know it’s only $18/diaper including free washing, but still – quite an investment! (At first I thought you could sell some of them since you won’t need 100/week, but I looked further and realized you only have half of the diapers each week – while the other half are out for washing – so you might even have to buy more or wash some yourself if the baby goes through more than 50 diapers/week.)

I'll buck the trend here. I HATED bumgenius 3.0. Maybe I got two lousy ones or maybe I've only used lousy washing machines that didn't clean them well enough but they leaked after a single pee every time. I'm so glad I didn't invest in a bunch all at once. Now prefolds I love. They're cheap so I have a zillion, super soft, and easy easy easy to keep clean. I also have some fitteds for out and about and when grandparents are over. We liked the old style Kissaluvs and one-size MotherEase.

I like diaper laundry because it's so easy and yet I feel so productive. There's no sorting and folding so it's a piece of cake. We just put dirties into a regular garbage with a washable liner and then throw everything in the washer -- bag and all -- on wash days. I think I touch poop less because there are no blow outs.

Hi! An old high school friend of mine (Kim Belcik) turned me to your blog. Love it BTW!

Here's a couple of things that I would add:

Do a diaper trial. There are quite a few online that you can use. That way, for a fee, you can try out a variety of diapers and decide which ones you do or don't like. And typically, a good portion of the fee is refundable.

Kristi at Hip Green Baby (http://hip-green-baby.com/) is AWESOME and does diaper demos and she's in the DFW Metroplex. She actually is doing 2 demo's this week, one on Sat & one on Mon in Keller. We actually used her diaper trial and love the diapers that we choose. I personally don't care for BumGenius like many others, but I'm a snob and want only prints on my daughter's bum! :)

Like many others said, I only wash 2-3 times a week for Fray who is 13wks, breastfed only. I have a tall laundry basket w/2 diaper pail liners. I just empty the bag into our washer and wash it with the diapers.

Sounds like we may have the same washer! Ours is about 9years old, top loader. We use the All Free & Clear on our diapers and clothes w/o any problem.

I run 2 cycles, both on normal (vs permanent press or delicate). The first one is a cold/cold setting with 1 tsp of detergent. The second is a hot/cold setting w/no detergent.

And pretty much everything I will put in the dryer on high for about 60 min. My covers I will sometimes hang.

I really like pockets. You can adjust the absorbency if needed. My favs are Hip Heinys flannel pocket fitteds from Hip Green Baby - no blowouts, they hold a lot of urine :) and are still cute. My favorite covers are Kawaii & Weehugger. I'm getting more off of Etsy's and have liked all the ones that I've gotten so far.

For nighttime, the disposables leaked on Fray every night. Very frustrating. So I switch between the Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetters and a Hip Heinys stuffed with 2 prefolds with a cover.

We tried cloth with our first daughter, but didn't have a great experience. gDiapers were involved and ignorance. With cloth, during the day, its a good idea to change more regularly. We change about every 2 hours right now. We didn't realize that the first time. Now Story is potty trained except when she sleeps. She is actually wearing for the first time tonight a cloth version of a Pull-Up.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions :)

I thought a lot about it but then went with disposables. I still agree with my thoughts a year and a half later. My husband destroys the environment more traveling on airplanes every week than my daughter's diapers ever could. Not that it makes it right...
I think the major decider for me was cleaning a bag of poopy diapers at the end of the day after work and picking her up from daycare. Not my idea of fun.

Here were my thoughts:


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