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February 25, 2011


Good luck with going medication free! I'm sure you can rock it! Hopefully you won't need pitocin this time around.

Also, I agree, prepping for a second baby is MUCH easier than a for first. And, in my opinion, having two is easier than having one. That may just be because my expectations with two were so much lower (if I make it through the day that's a win!) Now that they're a little older though I really think that. So much easier for them to play together than for me to have to be entertaining one all the time. (Just so you know, by "a little older" I mean almost 3 and 1 year old.)

Oh, you can totally do med-free labor. I did :)

And, they're trying to get Clara to give up the pacifier at school during naps.... she's not having it. I'm trying to restrict it to just crib-use at home, but good grief. It's going to be a challenge to break her of it, I'm sure.

Maybe Claire can give her pacifiers to baby sister?

Is it weird that I am ridiculously excited that you are going to cloth diaper? Yes, it is weird. (And ha, the time I took, I had to sit on my hands not to write more, I can go on for HOURS.)

A vacation where room service brings you food...

You can totally do a med-free labor, especially with labor support from your midwife. It's all about your mindset. It really is. Your brain can totally do Jedi Mind Tricks on your uterus/cervix etc., so the more relaxed and positive and empowered you are, the better. Are you going to use a doula? I had one, and she was AMAZING. Also, for inspiring birth stories, Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. Your body can totally do this - see, again Jedi Mind Tricks. ;-)

Ethan presented his cousin with all his binky's, and that was the end of it. What a generous little boy he was!

Hooray! You're going with cloth! And you will ROCK a med-free birth. I did both med free with midwives, but my first one went on FOREVER. Number two (wherein I was measuring ahead)? Labour was less than 6 hours from 1st contraction to delivery of placenta. You can do ANYTHING for a finite period of time, and this period of time will be shorter than the last one.

Dave and I just had a conversation about having one child or going from one to two being more challenging. He said the first. I am torn. I find that I get so little done with 2 right now. It's comical how little I get done in a day, and she's already 6 months old. Maybe it'll get easier when they're older but right now, washing the diapers and emptying the dishwasher are milestones!

I have two and I find it to be insane. Not just harder than one, but harder than one plus one equalling two. Exponentially harder. Maybe it was because I had two under two, no daycare, and that meant up all night, then up all day, then up all night, ad infinitum until you die. Now I have them trained to nap at the same time and it's better. Then add sibling rivalry and adjustment for child number one. Now I look back and realize how easy one actually was. Some friends and I have decided that in general N-1 is always easier....

ps I wanted to add- with my first baby I had an epidural, with the second I didn't (not by choice, labor progressed too fast). While I enjoyed my first labor FAR more (less pain, more relaxed), I have to admit, the drug-free labor, though scream my head off painful, was at the end a mind-blowing experience, empowering, and the highest high I have ever felt.

I think the fear of not knowing what it's like with a baby being gone is so helpful. I just didn't know what AT ALL to expect last time, with everything. Labor, birth, newborn, nursing, motherhood.... I think having the power of knowing that you survived it all once is SO awesome. Makes me more excited about the new person this time and less worried about the whole experience.

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