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January 25, 2011


HA! and Here Here!

"God smote the invoice." That is perfect and I'm totally using that in the future.

Home warranties are all that and more. Less than a month after we moved in, our heater died and they warranty people refused to replace it because the heater was already in the house. No, that didn't make any sense then, and it still doesn't now. And then a year later, they asked us if we wanted to renew (on our dime this time). Can anyone guess our response?

Get the peanut butter patties. Or that is what they were called when I was a Girl Scout. Tagalongs now, I think? Anyway, those are better than the Thin Mints. (And where are my Girl Scouts? I haven't seen a single one. I want cookies too.)

Oh fury at the home warranty people. We had both A/C units go out last summer and they somehow managed to get money out of us for both of those, too. Not sure what the seller was paying for other than a glorified feeling of security for us. We will not be renewing.

I am jealous of your trip to NO! Every time you say beignet, my mouth waters. Pavlovian response?

This was just way too funny. Thanks for the laugh...I just don't laugh enough!

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