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January 15, 2011


How exciting for her! I love dreaming about how things will be with Clara based off Claire's antics :) We bought a crib that turns into a toddler bed with rail, then without rail, so I'm hoping it lasts until she's like 4? Then we'll spring for a twin. Unless of course baby #2 makes an appearance before the age of 4, in which case.... Hmmmm.... guess we'll cross that bridge!

Exciting! We will be buying Samuel a big boy bed soon. Not looking forward to the expense of new furniture or the fact that he'll have free reign of the house, but he can't stay in his crib much longer. Speaking of cribs, are you using the drop down crib for the new baby? We are still using the crib we bought for Davis and I am debating whether we should still use it for #3 given it is a death trap per the government.

I love the bed! It's so much nicer than you made it sound :) Had I known it was so cool looking I would have fully advised going for it from the start!

Well done! Congrats to Claire for graduating to big girl status. Two tips though: You may learn from my extremely inconvenient mistake. Buy several waterproof mattress pads. One will ensure a middle of the night accident. Several will mean you will never need them. Second tip: wallwords.com

We're switching Blaise out of his crib in two weeks, moving Camilla and him into the same room, and we're going so ghetto! We already have a queen mattress and box spring and a twin mattress and box spring in addition to the king that's in our room (which we're keeping for ourselves, obv.) so we're just sticking the queen and twin beds in the room for the kids. We'll put the box springs on the floor, or we might even put the mattresses right on the floor if that seems safer. Ghetto! I'm nervous about Blaise not being in a crib anymore - I don't want him roaming the house at night! - and Camilla has slept in a room away from us in the past (she's currently in her own bed in our room) but never without coming to our room in the middle of the night. So this could go very badly. Yikes.

Claire's new bed is adorable! And I don't think you should feel badly about not shopping around - $400 isn't so expensive for a good full-sized mattress and box spring. Our king cost around a grand, I think, and so did the one we bought for my parents last year. A full size is probably 40% the size of a king, so the price seems proportional. :-)

I am totally in love with the quilt you're getting for Claire. I wonder if I can justify a similar one for Camilla at some point in the future...

I always laughed at all the people who bought the cribs that convert to the full size beds later. They are all going to have full size beds with bite marks all over them. (Of course, our crib was a gift from the in-laws, so it was still ridiculously expensive, but whatever, not MY money.)

The bedroom furntiure is great! Not as big or bulky as you made it sound.

Have you found something for her books yet? I just started looking for something soft to put on the wall next to her bed for books and I haven't found anything I like yet.

I laughed out loud viewing the photos - hilarious! I'm glad she's so happy in her BGB. Dublin is preparing to launch himself out of his crib, so I know we have to look into doing the same thing.

These photos are so cute, I could die. Love seeing and hearing about all this since we are just a few months behind you.

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