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January 17, 2011


I'm really proud to know you.

I'm so happy for you. This makes me hopeful.

I can already see a glimpse of this. Over five years since starting treatments (and maybe it is an age/maturity thing or a secondary infertility thing?) I'm already better about talking about it sometimes. It isn't as hard or raw, still both things things just not so much so.

That is the most courageous thing I've read in quite some time. Thank you for sharing. I'm just so in awe of your strength and candor. Your girls have a wonderful mom.

Wow, A'Dell, I had no idea. This was really wonderfully written, and I am SO, so happy for you and your family.

Amazing. I know they always say that someone you know has probably gone through infertility etc, and I never knew it was you! You always said that you'd wanted Claire for a long time - but I had no idea that's what was implied. I'm glad, of course, that it all turned out perfectly and that you can look at it now as just something that 'happened'.

Wow. I'm so happy for you and your soon to be 1 bigger family!

Way to go. Most people in our circle had no idea of our struggles until we told them we were going to adopt. Its just such a private thing.

You are an incredible woman A'Dell. Bravo.

I had no idea. What a wonderfully written post.

A'Dell, I had no idea. Thank you for sharing, I bet there are many, many people out there who will take your words and they'll really help them. You're a total hero!

You know, that is kind of how I feel now too. I think I've finally gotten some distance and it is more normal feeling instead of such a Big Thing.

I had no idea. It takes enormous courage to write what you did. Thank you for sharing. Girls are blessed to have a such strong mom.

I'm glad you are talking about this. One of the things that always hurt me most after we lost our babies was that it was so taboo to discuss it. And after so many losses and my heart was breaking, I just couldn't keep quiet any longer. And the amazing this was that people actually responded very well. And I didn't have to hide my pain and sorrow any more. I kind of like to think of myself in a traiblazer that way, making it easier for those that follow us.

And I am glad that you have your "After" now and your two beautiful girls.

Thank you all for the amazing and heartfelt comments. It's hard to believe how fast the time has passed and how tough it is to see this in print. If this helps even one person get through a similar situation, it will be worth it. My wife is indeed an incredible person, mother, and best friend. But then, I think you already knew that.

You are incredible, A'Dell, and this is going to help more people than you know. Thank you so much for sharing.

You are amazing.

Thank you for sharing your story A'Dell. Like everyone else, I had no idea about your struggle. Chris' comments were especially heartwarming. I do understand the pain of infertility. I was so depressed when I first found out your mother was pregnant with you. It didn't seem fair that my life felt so empty and the prognosis was bleak. I had been married longer and was older; but then I was blessed with a son who is only 4 months younger than you. After having my first child, I felt that overwhelming need to 'complete' my family with one more child. After 2 years of more infertility issues your mother got pregnant again and I languished in desperate envy. But we were blessed with Elise (less than a year younger than Rollin). Your experience surely gave many women hope. And here I am, 12 grandchildren later, savoring these babies as 'my reward'.

Just read your blog today (Friday). Had no idea that you had so much trouble conceiving. Glad everything turned out so great; Claire is amazing and you and Chris are such wonderful parents.

I'm happy for you that you're over feeling negative about the infertility experience. I wonder how much of your success at getting over it is due to the fact that you were eventually able to have a child (with another coming soon)? I need to figure out how to make peace with it and not be defined by it, but without the babies. I'm not doing such a great job so far. It's great that you posted this. Too few people discuss it.

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