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January 21, 2011


Even though Kalena is still in a crib we use a goodnite lite. (www.goodnitelite.com) It's been great. I know she wakes up sometime between 5:45 and 6:15, but we do not hear a peep from her until her sun comes on at 6:30. At that point she starts cheerily saying, "Miss sun come up!" and then we go get her. Our pediatrician recommended it, she said she used it on her twins. And I know they're expensive, but it's been TOTALLY worth it.

Also, it's great for bedtime too, since the moon coming on indicates time to sleep no matter how light it is outside. Works as a night light too. (I feel like an ad, but I seriously love this thing.)

That bedding is adorable!

When we move our son to a big boy bed I think we're just going to put a baby gate up in his doorway. That way he will stay contained until a more reasonable hour. That's the plan anyway.

I Know when I was little I would wake up at 5:00 each morning to watch He-Man (awesome 80's programing) and I would wake up mom to get it turned on and get me some breakfast. She quickly wised up and always left the TV on the He-Man channel the night before, put a big red sticker on the power button and then in the fridge she left a bowel of dry cereal, a cup of milk, a cup of juice, a spoon and a napkin. I was more than happy entertaining myself as long as I was fed and He-Man was on :)

I simply told you that you could not get out of bed until the sun came up. It worked well. Most mornings I was awakened by a little voice telling me, "it's not dark anymore". I think at Grammie's house, I will set an alarm clock and tell her she needs to stay in bed until the alarm goes off or Grammie comes and tells her it is time to be "I awake".

Well, Elizabeth is still in her crib, but we have a child lock on her door, on the inside, so she can't get out of her room by herself. When we lose the crib, I'll do a little extra baby proofing on the room and then leave her stuck in there. I also have a lock on the closet so that she can't get into the closet. (She pulls all the clothes off the hangers and then hides under them.)

I love the butterflies.

When we first put Haley in her big bed, I just told her she couldn't get up until I came to get her and it actually worked for a couple of weeks. When she started waking me up too early (yes, by getting right in my face and yelling - that seems to be pretty universal!), I told her she could go straight to the playroom when she wakes up and play or watch TV. Possibly not my finest act of parenting, but hey, I get more sleep this way and that can only be a good thing for my family, right?

We've somewhat curbed the morning wake ups by putting a regular digital clock in our daughter's (just turned 3) room. We have an index card with 7:00 written on it just like a digital clock. We told her that when the clock says 7 she can come into our room. If she gets up earlier my husband takes her back to her room (I have a 4 month old and we started training her before the baby was born that Daddy was the night time parent).

It's not perfect, but it stopped the constant coming in and crying at 5am and waking up the baby. Good luck!

Okay, the training that "daddy is the night time parent" is BRILLIANT. Between my two lovely cats who must must must be fed as soon as my eyelids flutter or a shift around in bed anytime after 5am (nothing like a cat face in your face saying MEOW as soon as you make eye contact), and the 10 month old baby in the next room who also beckons, though usually around 6am, when #2 comes along in a few years dad is TOTALLY going to be the night time parent for #1.

I love that sheet!
What pink Pottery Barn stuff do you have? I might be in the market for some crib bedding. We have bedding but I feel like it's not going to be right for the new crib I am ordering.

I love that nursery bedding and think that color scheme is painfully creative and chic. Unexpected. I want to do something like that this time, too. Unless it's a girl, in which case, I am just going to reuse the ridiculously expensive PBK stuff we bought for L. At least it held up just fine.

I'd have to lock her in the room. That's the consensus among other friends of mine who've made the transition. They use super tall gates or lock them in entirely. Mama has got to get her zzz's.

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